Sunday, April 24, 2005

Iowa City BONS NOMS!

Hey! Do you have a nominations for Iowa City BONS? Just add a coment to this post with those nomination.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Iowa City Order 4-22-05

1. I Sense That I Am In A Sensual World of the Senses by Katy Baggs

2. Why So Down? Do Not Frown by Eli Wilkinson

3. Tonight, Live On Stage, Before Your Very Eyes, In A One-Night-Only, Sold-Out Special Engagement: Menages the Slow Kid Will Recreat For You The Same Feat That EArned Him The 1974 Speical Olympics Gold Medal As Well As A Lifetime Of International Stardom! by Menaeges the Slow Kid

4. Cowboy Train To Texas by The Michael Tabors

5. Adam Hahn Is A Mack Daddy by Jon Shelton

6. eBay-er by Rock 'n' Roll Norris

7. Project Rejections by Sean Shatto

8. A Ridiculous Scenario From A Dream Involving Blackbeard's Treasure by Mirri

9. Voice Mail 2 by Adam Hahn

10. What Kind of Baby? by Saddy Smith

11. Spend A Night With You & Here For You By Yashaar Chaichian

12. Falling Stars: The Uniformly Grisly Deaths of Oscar Winners by Aprille Clarke

13. Too Much Fun by Furious Skinny

14. Cheater Defeater by William Callahan

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

No Shame at Piccolo Spoleto 2005

The Fundraising flyer is online:
Piccolo Spoleto Fundraising Flyer

The info is online:
Official No Shame listing with the Festival

There is, of course, a Yahoo Group.

Order and room rosters to be posted there.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Roanoke Best of No Shame Tonight and Tomorrow

Come on out to Mill Mountain's Waldron Stage to see the Best of the last year!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Iowa City Order: April 1st, 2005

Reconstructed from post by Aprille on the MSN board

These are not necessarily in order due to lack of accuracy.
1. Jamal's piece about weird cowboy antics at Village Inn
2. Seth and Alisa and Mirri and Katy are Southern survivers
3. Adam's gunfighter piece
4. Rock 'n Roll Norris talks about dragon slayers
5. Michael Tabor's piece where he was God in the catwalk
6. Patrick Ashcraft's makeout-o-rama
7. Mirri's Michael Tabor-style piece
8. Aprille's tightrope walker piece
8.5. Patrick's guitar song
9. A letter from Tim Sitzmann
9.5 Aprille's Portuguese phrasebook phrases
10. Katy Baggs finds things in her birthday cake
11. Seth and Alisa do a piece forward then do it backward (the eating cookies, bananas, what to wear, etc.)
12. King of Comedy and Queen of Heavy Machinery do the Maury Povich show

LA No Shame Order: April 1st, 2005

0) Jonathan Price & Jeff Goode - No Shame Theatre Song (awkward desperation version)(Jeff Goode, Jonathan Price [piano], Brett Webster [guitar], Ellen Rae Littman [volunteer from the audience])

1) Scott McGee - Mickey Mouse's Middle Finger(J.J. Hickey, Scott McGee, Brian Rochlin, Mike Rothschild, Jennifer Webster, Jeff Hirbour, Ellen Rae Littman, David Caprita, Brett Webster, Jonathan Price, Chris Clarke, Brian Anderson, Jenn Harp, Eric Johnson [voice])

2) Eva Brontosaurus - Baby Got Sack(Chris Griffin, Yolanda McClam)

3) Nic de Armendi - Van Halen Sucks More than Bachman Turner Overdrive(Nic de Armendi, Mike Rothschild)

4) Jennifer Webster - Making An Impression(Brett Webster, Jennifer Webster)

5) Corinne Schnurr - What Goes Around(Ellen Rae Littman, Corine Schnurr, Ben Zolno, Moneer Yaqubi, David Caprita; dir. Debra Nathan)

6) Bob Parker - Lil' Fishys(Bob Parker)

7) Richard Nathan - Science Fiction Blast-Off Theater: "The New Adventures Of Stan Starburst: Chapter 1 - Planet of Death!"(Brett Webster, Nic de Armendi, Ellen Rae Littman, Sinclaire)

8) Jeff Goode - Movie Reviews with Mike & Jeff: "Sin City"(Mike Rothschild, Jeff Goode)

9) J.J. Hickey - Orpheus and Eurydice(J.J. Hickey, Jonathan Price [piano], Brett Webster [guitar])

10) David Caprita - Cosmic Cookie(David Caprita)

11) Brian Rochlin - Tug of War(Scott McGee, Jonathan Price [piano])

12) Mike Rothschild - Dating(Jeff Hirbour, Mike Rothschild, Nic de Armendi)

13) David Patterson - A Mere Formality(Jason Bariamis, Moneer Yaqubi, Jennifer Webster)

14) Jonathan Price - Three Dogs In Day Care(Donna Janosik)

15) Donna Janosik - I'm On A Highway to Hell(Joanne Casey, Brian Rochlin, Scott McGee)

16) Brett Webster & Scott McGee - fat boy(Brett Webster & Scott McGee)

Host: Jeff Goode
LBO & SBO: Cristino Molina
Interstitial Music: Jonathan Price
Order: Mike Rothschild

No Shame Roanoke Order: April 1st

1. Dwayne Yancey, THE KILLER ASTEROID, comic scene, performed by Laura Tuggle Anderson and John Bryant.

2. Jared Riesenberg, JOURNAL ENTRY 4.1.05: THE PROTESTANT FUNDAMENTALIST MOVEMENT, journal entry, performed by the author.

3. Aaron Fallon, PADDY O'BUDDHA: SON OF THE ENLIGHTENED, poem, performed by the author.

4. Trevor Wilhelms, SALMON, scene from end to beginning, performed by the author and Aaron Fallon.

5. Connie Sellers, UNTITLED, song sung a cappella, performed by the author.

6. Vickie Holt, THAT DOGGIE IN THE WINDOW, a short skit, performed by the author, John Brill and Kurt Kandy.

7. Amy Alls, DISCARDED, upbeat bluesy tune, performed by the author with guitar accompaniment by John Bryant.

8. Michael Villa, SIMPLE, poem, performed by the author.9. James Underdue, RELEASED, poem, performed by the author.

10. Keith Yancey, KEITH'S MAGIC TRICK, magic trick, performed by the author with audience participation.

11. Christina Smith, GENERATION, poem, performed by the author.

12. John Brill, MOVEMENT, political observations/monologue, performed by the author.

13. Mike Allen, SNUFFING THE DRAGON, poetic sermon,performed by the author and Laura Tuggle Anderson.

14. Hannah Glass, UNTITLED, poem, performed by the author.

15. Chad Snyder, LOT LIZARD, monologue, performed by the author.

16. Big Lick Conspiracy, THE HIDDEN WORDS, improvised scene set in a massage parlor (Audience endowed Fingers - Oils - Asian Woman), performed by Laura Tuggle Anderson, John Bryant and Kate Cash, with Robb Rouse fronting the scene.

Host: Robb "puppy master" Rouse
Box Office: Crystal Couch
Concessions: Rob Couch
Lights/Sound Op: Daryn WarnerOrder
Taker/Maker: John Bryant

New Uniboard?

I've set up this blog as an alternative to the messageboards in the wake of losing the uniboard. This isn't ideal, but the idea is to still have a forum where people can post responses to topics. Only moderators (one from each participating No Shame) will be able to post a topic, but anyone can post a comment to the thread. I'm anticipating that the thread topics would be the orders from each No Shame. If people wanted to make a new topic, they could send that topic to the moderator for their No Shame and it could be posted for them.

It isn't perfect, but at least it is free.

Let me know if you are interested by posting a comment to this post.

Todd, Roanoke No Shame