Saturday, December 05, 2009

Best of Order Fall 2009

These are the pieces that will be performed next week at the BEST OF SHOW!

1. In the Act
by Montgomery Scott

2. Those Gay Mormons in: "The Smelly Buttplug"
by Dr. Mondo Buttplug Esq.

3. Happy Tips for the Companion Challenged
by Sammi

4. Sibling Song
by Katy Baggs

5. Testimony of Brutus Gemini
by Mirri

6. Tall Tale
by Spencer Abbe

6.5 Cologne-ization of the Americas
by James S. Roth

7. The triple Bees
by Sven, Jacob, and Logan

8. Seven Years Blind
by Arlen Lawson

9. The Great Tale of Cumshot McGee
by Eli Wilkinson

10. Timothy Applebee
by Taylor Cook

11. Zeus, the Sexual Ouroborous
by Luke Christensen

11.5. Transitive Verb (Sland)- the process by which one turns into a whore
by Merriam Webster dot com backslash

12. Traditions
by Asher Stuhlmann

13. The Great Master
by Evan Schenck

14. Speech for Forgotten Realms Club of Sciences
by President and CEO Norman R. Pace

15. Feets
by Kjai, Justin, Teresa, & Cassi

IC No Shame 12/4 "Dead... (I mean) Christmas Week"

We had a small show. It was a lot of fun for being so short and sparsely attended. Anywho... here is the order:

1) Song Name and Lyrics Changed for Copyright Reasons OR: Because it's dead week and we think we can get away with it -by Your Favorite band
2) Instructional Video Improv w/ Luke and Alaynna
3) Reefer Madness: A Reaction by Asher Stuhlman
4) Exercise -by Travis Holle
5) Eagle Song - by Alaynna Lycke
6) Improv with Board Members -by The Board
7) I am So Strung Out - by Evan is a Troubled Artist
8) Vladimir Putins Movie Spoilers -by Mirri and Katy