Saturday, March 28, 2009

No Shame Iowa City 3/27/09

We had a fun show with lots of improv, and lots of audience! Thanks everybody for coming and performing. I hope you all had fun and that we'll see you at NST again soon.

The order is posted in the comments. Go there to talk about it.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

IC Order 2/13

The Order:
1) Why I Will Never Find True Love and Therefore Valentine's day Sucks Ass - Sammi Levine
2) Crank Website Manifesto -by Dr. Lawrence Cornbluth, Fr. of Spiritual Physics and Future King of the Completed Ghost Earth
3)Old Videogames - By Eric Jesteadt
4)Motivation!!! -By Mirri
5)The Prisoner - Eli Wilkinson
6) I Swear to God this is a True Story - James Sacco Roth
7) The Watchman - Eli
8) Valentines Day Special - By St. Valentine
9) Song - Mirri
10) Paulie Crestfallen the Clown with Major Depression Disorder Shares Ice Cream Treat with You! - Luke Christensen
11) The Sissy - J.T.C. (or according to Eli: Jesus the Christ)
12) Gremlins 3: Gizmo's Choice - by Katy Baggs


Sunday, March 01, 2009

IC No Shame 2/27/2009 aka super awesome night

We had a show and I'm calling it a super awesome night. We had some new performers and stuff. It made me happy.

Order in the comments