Saturday, May 04, 2013


1.     The End- Corey Julian
2.     White Whine Blues- Craig and Sean
3.     An Assonant Rant –Jon Chown
4.     Ye Old Trooper- John Shang
5.     Church of SPD- Spencer
6.     Echo- Rai and Swiss
7.     Chinese Bike- Mod
8.     Ze Personal Issues- Charles Applecore
9.     Jesus Tapdancing Christ by Savion
10. Negamurderer- Nick Edinger
11. A Discussion of Flammable Objects- Pat Donovan
12. Ode to my Favorite Clichés by Cath
13. We had a lot of fun tonight, but… - Mamo
14. I’m Building Down- The Eternal Yeah
15. Geoscience by Rai
16. Procrastination Beat-Down- Ellen Anderson
17. Sci-fi Channel Pitchman – Spencer and Michael
18. Baby, I’ve Been There- John Dingo 

Dead Week Spring 2013

We had a dead week. It was pretty lively.

Ba dum cha

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