Sunday, March 26, 2006

IC Order, 3/24/06

Funny Farts No Shame Theatre 3/24/06

.5 "Egg Joke," by Jake Gontero
1. "The Cheater," by Evan Schenck
2. "Crouch Push Fall," by 2 Jerks Plus a Rapscallion
3. "Urination," by Flabbergasted Jack
4. "Wonderwall," by Oasis
5. "It's About Time," by Eric Landuyt
6. "Navy Guy with Seven Children," by the Michael Tabors
7. "The Weird World of the Future," by Aprille Clarke
8. "The Advantages of Printing Out Your No Shame Skit, OR A Piece in Which John Attempts to Make Fun of Monty Python, Office Space, Himself, George W. Bush, & Nicholas May All at the Same Time," by John Abramowitz
9. "Booger," by Michael Tabor
10. "Dead Guy Geoff," by Sean Shatto
11. "Just Thought You Should Know," by Bobby Evers
12. "Jake," by the Touchdowns
13. "So Jealous About It," by Sadie Smith

Sunday, March 12, 2006

3-11-06 Order

1. "Etymology" by Michael Tabor (song) 3:20

2. "Empty" by Eric Villhauer (a list of things that pisses that guy off!) 2:56

2.5 "Donald and The Angry Trumpet" by A Son of a Bitch (Pappa Smurf, a guy with a stick, somebody else) 0:24

3. "Bears" by Flabbergasted Jakers (Jakers talks about how much he loves bears) 4:25

4. "Dick Cheney" by Michael Tabor (song parody) 2:30

5. "Aprille's Humiliating No Shame Archives, 2002" by Aprille Clarke (Aprille's old piece about winning friends with mind powers) 6:03

5.5 "Lumo Does A Weird Thing" by Brian Lenth (Lumo does indeed do a weird thing) 0:40

6. "George W. Bush" by Michael Tabor (song) 1:50

7. "Mad Libbed Monologue" by The E'ster (I wasn't paying attention) 2:04

8. "Haunted House" by Adam Hahn (kids go to an old house in the woods) 5:28

9. "Poopers Brimbaugh IV" by Poindexter Herweeny Nerd III, Esq. (We don't know Adam Hahn the way Jamal knows Adam Hahn.) 3:12

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Funny Farts No Shame order, 3/3/06

Funny Farts No Shame Theatre, 3/3/06

Regular announcements, PLUS we decided to have a show next week even though it's the week before spring break. Why not? It might be fun.

1. "Great Person in History When They Were in School," by Bobby Evers (2:06). We observe a young Martin Luther King, Jr. during his college years, including a cameo by the fetching Coretta Scott.

2. "Self Destruction," by Eric Landuyt (2:35). A slam-style poetry performance.

3. "'Fuck You, Michael Tabor,' and 11 Other Things I Detest," by Dick Roberts (4:50). Dick talks about things that really burn him up, e.g. political correctness.

4. "I Don't Understand," by Toby (3:53). Toby monologues about things he doesn't understand, e.g. how blind people are supposed to figure out where the Braille is on hotel walls.

5. "Aprille's Humiliating No Shame Archives: 2001" (1:23). Aprille re-performs a piece from the old days about a lady who can only have butt sex due to past trauma.

6. "The President Song," by John Abramowitz (4:38). John sings a song to the tune of "I'm a Lumberjack" about the President's foibles, except his computer didn't work so he couldn't remember all of it.

7. "The Power I Almost Exercised Over My Daughter's Future," by Dick Roberts (2:36). A photocopy mix-up almost makes Dick's daughter not get in the honors program.

8. "Fruit Bowl," by Mirri (5:23). Travis puts so many fruits on his face, and Mirri thinks he's weird.

9. "My Disappointing Fortune Cookie," by Eric Landuyt (0:10). Eric adds "in bed" to his fortune, only it's sad because he doesn't have a bed.

10. "Paperback Writer," by Evan Schenck (4:56). Evan talks about his plans to write a top-hit genre-bending novel.

11. "Mecial's Birthday in Space," by Aprille Clarke (5:25). Mecial and Michael Tabor find love in outer space.

12. "Rome," by Flabbergasted Jakers (2:47). Jakers explains the different phrases inspired by Rome, such as the accuracy of the "built in a day" thing, and "lazy Romes."

Mine was the longest piece. I apologize for being a bad influence. It was a short show but a jolly one.