Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Iowa City BEST OF Nominations! Fall 2009

Hey folks! It is that time again! Time to nominate your favorite pieces of the last semester for our BEST OF NO SHAME show on December 11th. Here is how it works. 1) You nominate the pieces you want to see. 2) The NS Board meets and uses those nominations to pick the best show possible. 3) We announce the Best Of order at our Dead Week show on December 4th. 4) The show goes up on the 11th and we all have a rockin time. It is that simple. So please take some time and review the list of pieces in the comments tab and pick the show that YOU want to see.

As you know there is no show this week (11/27) so nominations will have to be in by Thursday December 3rd at the LATEST. The cutoff will be around 4pm on that day. Thanks and hope to see you at Dead week and BEST OF the week after!

-Eli Wilkinson
No Shame Board


Monday, November 23, 2009

Iowa City No Shame 11-20-2009

We had our week before thanksgiving show! It had a medium sized order and thanks to everybody who came to watch. Without you the show would not exist. And now, the order:

1) Eric and Luke do Random Line Improv - by Luke and Eric
2) Henry Charles Bukowski - by James S. Roth
3) Four Parables -by Mirri
3.5) Superball - by Katy Baggs
4) Pot of Poopy: A Poem -by Dr. Mondo Buttplug As Interpreted by Luke Christensen
5) The Girl in the Balloon - By Morgan Miller
6) Chewing in the Men's Room - by Eric Landuyt
7) The Family that Shits Together - by Dr. Mondo
8) Morals and Ethics in Business - As Read by Mirri
9) Walt and Rufus Stuck on Opposite Sides of a Gorge - by Eli Wilkinson


Sunday, November 15, 2009

No Shame 11/13/2009

We had a piece packed show! And an audience. It was great.

Also, before I get to the order. We ARE having a show next week (11/20/2009). So bring your best pieces because this show will be the last show for pieces to be considered for Best Of No Shame.

And now... The Order:

1) David Phillips Says Some Things -by David Phillips
2) An Alphabet Book -by Noah Brown
3) Awkward Conversation - by James S. Roth
4) The Tabular Adventures of the Table - by The Table
5) Metamorphosis -by Deirdre Hong
5.5) In Honor of Friday the 13th - By Kristin Wirtz
6) No Shame History Presents: -by Eric Jesteadt
7) Close your Eyes & Listen -By Jesse Daniel Blaine
8) Herman and George Face a Moral Dilemma -by Eli Wilkinson
9) Mr. Dog -by Spencer Abbe
10) Stephen King Story -by Mirri
11) Monster, a Song -by Old Man Charlie
12) Couchism, a New Way Forward -by Josh Carlson
13) The Asshole of Humanity - by Jake Edwards
14) Why I'm So Confused -by The Ghost of Christmas Past


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Iowa City 11/6/09 Order

We had a show. It was fun. Come back next week for something even more fun. And now the much awaited order:

1) Happy Tips for the Companion Challenged -by Sammy
2) Pot of Poopy: A Poem -by Dr. Mondo Buttplug
3) If God Gives you Lemons Pour the Juice in Someone's Eye -by Some Punk (Eli)
3.5) What a Wigger - by Calvin Pennybacker
4) We Swear to God We're Pro-gay in Real Life -by the Tripple B's
5) Bite -by Sammy
6) Bone Marrow - by Mirri
6.5) Snickers Dickers - by Calvin
7) Traditions -by Asher Stuhlman
8) Organic Humans -by Luke Christensen
9) 8 Fantasies about My Writing Teacher who I barely know - by Mirri
9.5) Feets -by Kjai, Justin, Theresa, Cassi
10) Two Dreams -by Katy Baggs