Saturday, May 02, 2009

BEST OF No Shame Order!!!

***It is official. Best Of No Shame will be in Mabie Theatre this Friday!***

The Order:

1) A Song - St. Allowicious Gospel Choir
2) Bear Grifting - Evan Schenck
3) Real Fan Letters Written to People - Penny
4) Me is these Words - Matt Bovard
5) Open Spot - Paper Back Rhino
5.5) Clap Your Hands - Kjai Block
6) La Tortuga - James Roth
7) Why I Will Never Find True Love and Therefore Valentines Day Sucks Ass - Sammi Levine
8) Luke and Eric Do Improv - Eric and Luke
9) Death Manifesto - David Phillips
10) Gilbert & Sullivan for Academia- Dick Roberts, Chris Roberts and Ted Judd
11) The 5 Creepiest Things I Have Done - A. Theresa
12) Party Dress Patty - Katy Baggs
13) Medium Rare - Eli Wilkinson
14) Open Spot - Fifth City Improv
14.5) Paulie Crestfallen the Clown with Major Depression Disorder Shares Ice Cream Treats with You! - Luke Christensen
15) Song - Mirri
16) Alex and Martin Phrase Am I
17) Book of Boj - John Bates


Iowa City Dead Week 5-1-09


Order for 5/1/09:

1. The Ordained Thief - Kjai Block
2. Eirc and Luke Do Improv - Eric and Luke
3. Waking Up from a Dream - Eric Landuyt
4. Actor's Worst Nightmare - The Chipmunk Experience
5. Just Because It is Dead Week: the Great Tale of Cumshot Magee - Chicken and Biscuits
6. The Lost Art of Small Talk, Or: Kill All Movies (tell me if this wasn't the right title) - Nick Lecnar
7. Open Spot - the Nostalgic Pussy Juice Cocktails
8. The Truth About the H1N1 virus - A Theresa
9. Luke and Kjai Say Funny Things - Anonymous Guys
10. A Visitation from the Sacred Funky Llama - Mirri
11. Actor's Worst Nightmare - The Big, Bored Babies
12. Ripley Brothers - Ryan Kaminski
13. Open Spot - The Freaky Puzum


1.Congratulations to Kjai Block, our newest board member!
2. Again, Best Of No Shame is Friday, May 8. $3 this time (sorry, but we need money) and MOST PROBABLY IN MABIE THEATER. Tell all of your friends and then bring those friends and their friends.
3. Seriously, come to Best Of. It will be great. Eli probably has the BONS order, you want to post it so we can all remember who is coming and who needs to be there to perform? We look forward to seeing you there because we know you want to come because you love it. Yes.