Tuesday, March 30, 2010

IC No Shame 3/26/2010

Hey gang we had a show. It was fun even though it was in Mabie. (That place is HAUNTED) Anyway, here is the order. I am putting one in the comments as well. Hope to see you next week. Bring 10 friends. Do it. They'll love it.

The Order:

1) Imagination Vacation -by Luke Christensen
2) The Fifth Dimension -by Spence Abbe
2.5) Point Five -by Asher Stuhlman
3) "Jingle All the HEY" -by Calvin
4) I wrote this Play in Fifteen Minutes When I realized I didn't have a Piece for this Week- by Asher Stuhlman
5) Man and Woman -by Penny
6) Ooh Eee Ooh Ahh Ahh -by Wally Wally Bing Bang
7) Shirt Talk -by James S. Roth
7.5) Davids Wet Butt: Another True Tall from my Workplace -by ? (Davids Wet butt?) (Landuyt?)
8) Mother and Daughter -by Janani Sreenirasan
9) No Idea -by Thresa & Cassi
10) Shallow, Stupid, and Obscene. Just like my Honeymoon -by Chicken and Biscuits
11) Recollections of Loves Past -by Dr. Mondo Buttplug, esq.


Saturday, March 06, 2010

No Shame Iowa City 3-5-2010

We had a full show. Full order. Good sized house. A little bit of everything and then some. The order (with descriptions) in the Comments section.

Hope to see you all the Friday after Spring Break (March 26th!)