Saturday, February 25, 2006

Iowa City Order 2-24

There were some announcements which included the standard Yes, Shame announcement and the one for this website. Also, the announcement where Jamal thanked everybody for contributing towards his medical expenses.

1) "It's Fun to Trick When the Tricks are Treats" by Katy Baggs (a dude puts a lady's underwear in the shower head; a lady puts candy in a dude's giggles)

2) "Halftime" by Flabbergasted Jakers (Jakers blows our minds with his observations on the length of halftime)

3) "E" by Brian Lenth (Lumo is doing a crossword puzzle. TBone tells him there are 61 "E"s in the word "discreet." Jakers plays the trombone wa-waaaaa

4) "Fuck The Fourth Wall" by Nick May (at great, confusing length Nick talks about his piece from last week)

5) "High Tea With Bill Murray" by Alyssa Bowman (a fellow lives with his mom, Bill Murray, and two dinosaurs)

6) "Lick Bush And Eat Rice" by Dick Roberts (song parodies)

7) "A Farewell Letter" by Evan Schenck (a guy is leaving and wrote a letter about how he hates you and always really did)

8) "Mad Club" by Eli Wilkinson (Mad Club's integrity is compromised when a lady joins the club and people are happy about it.)

9) "I'm A Noodle Guy" by Michael Tabor (Bobby Evers performs a monologue about how there are so many different types of noodles)

10) "I Think This Might Be The Scariest Thing I've Ever Done" by Zwephany Dell (Ashcraft performs a monologue about a school dance. Discusses the cliques present)

11) "I Will Date You On The Internet: 5 Scenes From Week 2" by Adam Hahn (Adam and some dudes discuss fear, internet dating, women's self image, bingo)

12) "Aprille's Humiliating No Shame Archives, 2000" by Aprille Clarke (Aprille re-performs an old piece about the Christian Children's relief fund. Hahn interrupts frequently to point out the bad parts)

13) "Impolite" by Bobby Evers (people won't leave their table at the Java House)

14) "Such A Disappointment" by Sadie Smith (Spats, meets herself as a young girl. Young Sadie is disappointed in how she turned out. Spats seems to feel older and wiser than Young Sadie)

15) "What The Smooshy Face Is Wrong With You" by Sean Shatto (The Shat says some weird things about his weird ideas.)

16) "Corduroy sunburn, Part Intermission (Part 2) : Because I Don't Like The Way Y'all'ree Looking' at Me 'And Now Heres's Something We Hope You'll Really Like...'" by Cool Jesse and if you laugh like you're on the inside, he'll cut you like a minority! (Batman wants an abortion and also pokes a dead cat with a dead stick)

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Is this gorilla happy or angry?

Tell me what you think and I'll tell you what I know.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Funny Farts Theatre Iowa City, February 17, 2006

Funny Farts Theatre Iowa City, February 17, 2006
Michael SHOULD have the list of announcements, but doesn't.

1. "Peaches and Cream" by Jonathan Shelton (scene: sexability of Nicole Kidman, alive or dead, with famous male voices)

2. "Eric Tells Jokes About the News" by Eric Landuyt (exactly what it sounds like: most of the news is Asian)

3. "Shine" by Sean Shatto (extremely loud song w/keyboard)

4. "Donald's Lonely LunchBox, Part Intermission: Comedic Relief for the SpongeBob Crowd" by Cool Jesse and Patrick Swayze (stompy song about trucks w/props)

5. "Deconstructing John Bobbit" by Ronnie Milsap and Dick Roberts (stage banter, penis song w/keyboard)

6. "Doctor Adventure and . . . The Plucky Grad Student" by Evan Schenck (scene: new student fails to be Asian, will go along with the professor's insanity for music theory degree)

7. "Brian and Jake Make Weird Noises" by Brian and Jake (exactly what it sounds like)

8. "I Will Date You on the Internet: Week One" by Adam Hahn (monologue: joining personals sites, failing to find you)

9. "ESPN's 'Shooting for Excellence with Dick Cheney'" by Dick Roberts (scene: VP interviewed by sportscaster)

10. "The Suicide Girl" by Eli Wilkinson (scene: bad-at-sex girl wants attention before suicide, will be sexed dead or alive)

11. "What Not to Do" by Bobby Evers (brief scene: Is it a To-Do list, or--? I've just said.)

12. "Life's Not Scary Anymore: A Commentary" by Eric Landuyt (monologue: extremely long jail sentences)

13. "Snogging and That Time of the Month with a Dash of Homo-Eroticism Thrown in for Fun" by Nick May (scene: dream about kissing leads to scene about kissing leads to actual kissing?)

14. "The Davids" by Poupon "The Professor" Tabor (monologue: old man names everything David, lives among junk, missed family, fights for magic amulet)

Saturday, February 11, 2006

IC Order, 2/10/06

Funny Farts No Shame Theatre, 2/10/06


  • Love's Labour's Lost is being performed this weekend in Mabie Theatre.
  • Jamal has had a lot of medical expenses recently and more are coming. If you would like to donate, we will be having a fundraiser for him next week.
  • Yes, Shame Theatre is taking place this Tuesday night in City High's Little Theatre.
1. "Idle Chit-Chat," by Bobby Evers (Bobby works a suicide hotline)
2. "Please, Just Give Me a Few Minutes," by Eli Wilkinson (Eli ruminates on his insecurities and the woman he loves)
3. "Not That There's Anything Wrong With That," by Dick Roberts (Dick speaks briefly about how he is homophobic, then sings a song to illustrate that fact)
3.5. "Brian Interviews Jake," by Brian Lenth (Brian interviews Jake, played by Michael Tabor, on his seduction techniques)
4. "Adventures at Lenscrafters," by Jonathan Shelton (Eli wants to spend the hour that they're waiting for their glasses conjuring demons, again)
5. "Once Again, We're Just Too Late for the Party," by Katy Baggs (Katy and Bobby have big butts, realize how out of style that is, and eventually transition to funny farts)
6. "Frustrated Self-Indulgence, or Self-Indulgent Frustration," by Sad Green Monster (Eric Landuyt, wearing only a jock strap, a dildo, and a green monster mask, dances for the crowd)
7. "Grand Theft Auto, Grand Theft of Life," by Dick Roberts (A young man prioritizes video games over a variety of fun activities with his girlfriend)
8. "Thriller Diller," by Michael Tabor (Michael performs a monologue about a hole in the earth and a fellow named Denny who asserts that liquids should be shooken; will there be disaster?)
9. "Aprille's Humiliating No Shame Archives: The Early Years," by Aprille Clarke (Aprille revisits some No Shame pieces from 1997-1999)
10. "The Evolution of Man," by O'Sandra (beings evolve, eventually kill each other)
11. "Little Aprille," by Adam Hahn (Adam reminsces about old-timey No Shame when racism was hilarious and dimpled Little Aprille danced)
12. "Heavy Petting," by Patrick Ashcraft (Patrick and his date pet the cat until it got sexed to death)

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Funny Farts 2/3/06

1) "A Vitamin C Chanty" by The Dancing Skeletons

2) "The Gristle 'Tween Your Teeth Part Two: Blaspheme + Chastity OR Please Don't Eat The Things That You Were Not Meant To Eat" by Cool Jesse

3) "The Land of Goodbyes" by Stephen Ptacek

4) "Allusion to a Classic Film" by Evan Shenck

5) "Angel? No." by Eli Wilkinson

5.5) "If By Chance We Should Meet" by Mirri

6) "Survival of the Fittest" by Eric Landuyt

7) "Things I've Found" by Sean Shatto

8) "A Serenade" by Bobby Evers to Danielle Santangelo

9) "Bye Goodbye" by Leisure Time Tabor

10) "We Wuv Danielle This Much!!!" by Katy Baggs

11) "Battle Hym For THe Republicans" by Dick Roberts

12) "Guadalupe Goes to the Airport" by Aprille Clarke

13) "Cambus to Australia" by Adam Hahn

14) "Tonight I Fly" by Danielle Santangello

15) "Interview With Sluttangelo" Conducted by Patrick