Monday, August 30, 2010

No Shame Iowa City - new season!

There's a new season of No Shame Theatre starting up THIS FRIDAY SEPT. 3 at the Theatre Building's Theatre B at 11 pm. Bring a dollar for admission and bring your friends who are each bringing their own one dollars to give to us.

One dollar.

OOH, ALSO: If you want, bring a piece to perform! Show up at the theater lounge AND/OR lobby (and then come into the lounge) where we will be taking pieces at 10:30. Provided your piece follows the Three Rules of No Shame (1. it's original, as in you wrote it or a friend of yours wrote it for you to perform, 2. it is 5 minutes or less, and 3. it does not damage theatre space or its occupants), we will take it if there is room. First come, first serve, unless you're new, in which case you are guaranteed a spot in the order!

Be there!