Saturday, December 08, 2007

Iowa City Best Of No Shame Order

Here it is folks: The Best of No Shame Order

Introduction by Greasy Bob
1) Clamp your bottom and whack - The New Rafiki
2) Interview with a poopula- Sam Fuller and Clay Howard
3) The Clockwork Man- Evan Schenck
4) It's true They really don't - Katy Baggs
4.5) When Life Gives you Babies, Make Baby-Ade - Brian Lenth
5) Two Men Shaking Hands - Cool Jesse
6) Eric Jesteadt is now Animated in Technicolor! - Eric Jesteadt
7) When Life Give you Babies, Make Baby-Ade- Brian Lenth
8) Sally/ Not Sally - Kat Udarro
9) Hug - Janani
10) *Spits* Mike Hayden Sent Me - Luke Christiansen
10.5) A New Character - Greg Machlin
11) Wiggle, Squinch, Dangle, Repeat - Michael Tabor
12) How to detect a werewold - Eric Landuyt
13) Canyon Chapter 1 - Arlen Lawson
14) Oedipus Revisited - Eli Wilkinson
15) Litterbox Greg - Jake Gontero
16) American Black Box Presents the Great American Novel - American Black Box

That's the order for this semesters 'Best of" Show. Feel free to comment.


No Shame 12/7/2007

Hey we had a show! It was full of dead-week goodness and creaminess. Wheee. The order, ladies and gentlemen, is in the replies.

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Sunday, December 02, 2007

IC Best of No Shame Nominations!

Just because Evan got impatient. Kidding. Hey all you folks, nominate your favorite pieces of the semester here. To find the orders go to the main page ( click on the Iowa City tab and find the "The Orders" link. If recent orders don't go up soon pester Adam Hahn to no be so lazy.

Full order Noms greatly appreciated over select noms. (Just so there are nominations for other pieces)


Saturday, December 01, 2007

No Shame Iowa City. November 30th

Hey we had a show. It was good. Good like cocoa on a snow day.