Tuesday, April 28, 2009

IC No Shame 4/24

The order:

1) Striped Hand - The Jive
2) Rejected Staples Commercial- By now, he's sleeping on the couch
3) Lemonade Armor - Tough Lovin'
4) Name that Tune - A Theresa
5) 1 and 2/3 Mongolian and Jack
6) Beware Any Occasion that Calls for Consultants- Dick Roberts
7) Two Grumpy Old Men in: Mating Season - Chicken and Biscuits
8) Movie Dubs - Marmalade Explosion
9) 50 Popular Press Books I'd Like to Buy - Dick Roberts
10) A Robot and A Mad Doctor Are Waiting For a Dentist Appointment- Katy Baggs
11) Song - The St. Allowicious Gospel Choir


Monday, April 27, 2009


Hey, we forgot to mention this in the last show, but next week is Dead Week and the week after that is Best Of on MAY 8! We need your Best Of nominations! Go back through this season's posts and tell us what you want to see again.

Speaking of Best Of, I put the Fall '08 Best Of show on our Youtube channel, so go check out what I should have gotten off my ass to do months ago. Remember when Leigh sang about her whoring grandfather, I threw a fit, and Luke made it with a broom? See it again here:


Friday, April 24, 2009

No Shame IC April 17th

Sorry this is a week late. I misplaced the order.

The Order:
1) Jovial Joy - The It Antecedent
2)Good News/ Bad News: We Shall See - Oscar Schindler
2.5) Post-Coital Bliss, or Hey Fucker, Quit Fucking Around - Lord Calvin Pennybacker XXVII
3) The Bus Stop Buds Revisited - Chicken and Biscuits
4) Rubix Cuby - Teryaki Foreskin
4.5) Cocktail Party, or Fucker, Quit Fucking Around Already - Lord Calvin Pennybacker XXVII
5) Ave Maria - Mirri
6) Roger's(?) Remorse - Brain Salad
7) The Conquistador - Eli Wilkinson
7.5) And now, a little Musical Number, or All Right, Seriously Fucker, I asked you to quit fucking around, yet what do you do, you fuck around some more. I am sick of it. Either quit fucking around or I'm going to have to punch you, and I can punch really really hard - Lord Calvin Pennybacker XXVII
8) Gut Check: A conversation with my Irritable Bowel - Dick Roberts
9) Redbook - Luke Christensen


Saturday, April 11, 2009

No Shame Iowa City 4/10/09

Good show! More new people came, skits and improv and songs and so on were seen, etc., and so on. Order in the comments.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

No Shame Iowa City 4/3/09

It was a good show. Hope to see more as the semester progresses. The order is in the replies section.