Friday, April 24, 2009

No Shame IC April 17th

Sorry this is a week late. I misplaced the order.

The Order:
1) Jovial Joy - The It Antecedent
2)Good News/ Bad News: We Shall See - Oscar Schindler
2.5) Post-Coital Bliss, or Hey Fucker, Quit Fucking Around - Lord Calvin Pennybacker XXVII
3) The Bus Stop Buds Revisited - Chicken and Biscuits
4) Rubix Cuby - Teryaki Foreskin
4.5) Cocktail Party, or Fucker, Quit Fucking Around Already - Lord Calvin Pennybacker XXVII
5) Ave Maria - Mirri
6) Roger's(?) Remorse - Brain Salad
7) The Conquistador - Eli Wilkinson
7.5) And now, a little Musical Number, or All Right, Seriously Fucker, I asked you to quit fucking around, yet what do you do, you fuck around some more. I am sick of it. Either quit fucking around or I'm going to have to punch you, and I can punch really really hard - Lord Calvin Pennybacker XXVII
8) Gut Check: A conversation with my Irritable Bowel - Dick Roberts
9) Redbook - Luke Christensen



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