Sunday, May 04, 2008

No Shame, Iowa City, 2 May 2008

I give it its own thread so as not to unduly clutter the BONS thread.

Order in the comments complements of Greg Machlin.


Saturday, May 03, 2008

Best of No Shame ORDER

Best of No Shame Order Spring 2008

1) Egg Salad Sandwich - Jake Gontero
2) I've Always Hated You - Nick Beatty
3) Song of Choice - Mirri
4) Apology for a Memoir - Greg Machlin
5) The Thing to do - Evan Schenck
6) Things You Should Know - Penny
7) Amazing Things - Katy Baggs
8) And Now For Something So Stupid, even you'll love it! Story time with ol' Grandpappy COugh Syrup Presents: Beastiality Amidst the white creamy fields of the past as recalled by ol' Grandpappy Cough Syrpu - by ol' Grandpappy Cough Syrup
* 9) Dance Piece- Kyle Ford (Please contact us asap to confirm)
10) Song of Choice - Jamal River
11) Tears of a Clown - Luke
12) The Break Room - Brian Lenth
* 13) Improv piece- Three Men and a Baby, Minus the Baby (Please confirm asap)
14) What a Hare-y Situation - Eli Wilkinson
15) Get Out of my Everything - Janani
16) The Blob of Love - Eric Landuyt and Kim Townsend
17) The Doors of Justice - John Bates