Saturday, October 29, 2011

No Shame Theater Discussion 10/28

We had a Halloween themed No Shame. I hope it gave you nightmares. Order in the comments.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

No Shame Theater Discussion 10/21

We had a show, complete with newly-21 drunk Spencer. Order in the comments

Monday, October 17, 2011

No Shame Theater Discussion 10/14

We had a show. There was a stronger than usual theme of sex. Here's the order. Unhelpful descriptions in the comments.

1. Superhero Therapy with Dr. Timothy Paddler by Bosephus Paddler
1.5. The worst comic ever by the worst comic ever
2. Improving the punchline by a Chicken and Banana
3. Orgasm by Rai (I'm sorry I can't read your last name because Spencer apparently wrote it with his feet)
4. Is God Racist? A "What if" Sketch by Nick Edinger
5. Dude, put more thrust into it by Alex soon to be known as Sasha
6. Dumpster Defender by Spencer
6.5. Cat People putting out fires by David Bowie
7. 10 Scariest things while High by Craig
8. The Best Love Letter Ever Read Open Bracket A Monologue of Love Closed Bracket by that guy in the corner that never says never (unless his name is Justin Bieber)
9. Rock Music by Taylor Cook
10. Morgan Miller makes an ass out of herself in four dimensions
11. Waiting- a procedural cop show by Molly Jean
12. Brogasm 3000 by Chad
12.5. Lemme think about what you just said by David Rout.
13. Kinky by Jesse

No Shame Theater Discussion 9/23

Sorry about this late disjointed posting of old orders. We're still missing a couple. But here's the order from August 23. Descriptions to come.

1. Sexy Sexy Sexting by Alex
2. Winded by Morgan Miller
3. The Penile Monologues by Biggus Dickus
4. Walking Eaters and Drinkers by The Undiscovery Channel
4.5. A Man of Simple Tastes by A Man of Simple Tastes
5. Women are weird: A statement that will be made relevant by the following skit that has been brought to you by Craig Martin by Craig Martin
6. The Facebook Statuses of Molly Middleton
6.5. A Knock-knock Joke Gone Horribly Wrong by Michael
7. Cookie Cutters by Tyler Frances Everette
7.5 In Keeping with the Increasing Number of Stupid Shows about Douchebags and SLuts Polluting MTV I have a New Show for them, written by Craig Martin
8. Lap Dances and Snickers by Morgan
9. Revised Iowa Fight Song (A Sing-Along) by UI President Sally Mason