Monday, January 30, 2006

Iowa City Oder

1) "Champ Budzak Writes a Screenplay on His Laptop" by Patrick Ashcraft

1.5) "Eric Tells A Story That Almost Goes Somewhere" by Eric Landuyt

2) "Shoe Dance" by Silver Dollar Tabor

3) "Playing Soccer With A Quadriplegic OR How Lenin Gave Me Syphillus" by Eli Wilkinson

4) "Choose Your Own Choice For The Way That You Want Things In The Story To Go Next" by Katy Baggs

5) "The Shattering of Almost, Part I: The Articulation Battery" by Cool Jesse

6) "Tone Poem" by Sean Shatto

7) "There's A Reason For This, And I'll Get to It In A Minute" by Eric Landuyt

8) "Really Bad Haikus Volume I: This Slippery Walrus" by Chris Lavoie

8.5) "One True Faith" by Jon Shelton

9) "Here's A Hint: It Ain't Lemonade!" by Jonathen Shelton

10) "Tell Me The Secret Ingredient, Please Guy" by Sadie Martha "Spats" Smith

11) Personal Statement To Accompany Application to the University of Iowa Graduate Playwrights Workshop (Fall 2006 Admission Cycle) by Adam Hahn

Does anybody notice a trend in the length of the titles of the pieces? I'm not complaining, I'm just saying, you know? How would everybody like it if I cut off their title at 10 words?

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Official Roanoke NS Order for 12.16.05

Well, it's a bit late, but here is the order as it happened nearly 2 weeks ago in Roanoke! We venture back into shamelessness this Friday, January 6th!

1) Connie Sellers, NO SHAME POLKA, song, performed on harmonica by the
author with dancing by John Bryant, Laura Tuggle Anderson, Elliot
Wheeler and Christina Smith (Connie pays tribute to No Shame using

2) Jared Reisenberg, A YEAR IN AMERICAN SAMOA, commentary, performed by
the author (Jared recalls a trip to American Samoa)

3) Liz Amberly, TURNSTILES, dram-edic scene, performed by Meredith
Holcomb and Jeanine Gangloff (Two women hit it off in a train station
after leaving their husbands and end up following separate sinisiter
paths to freedom)

4) Elliot S. Wheeler, ON THE TRAIL, poem, performed by the author
(Elliot is an avid, earthy outdoorsman)

5) Mitzi Akers, BAD CHRISTMAS SCENE I BY RESCUE 635, comedic scene,
performed by the author and Chad Snyder (Two rescue workers discuss
their personal lives to kill time before the end of their shift until
they end up getting a call at the last minute)

6) Dwayne Yancey, MY BROTHER'S STUPID HAMSTER, comedic scene, performed
by Gina Laguzza, Keith Yancey, Chris Laguzza and Ross Laguzza (a
teenage girl laments over her embarrassing family and takes out her
frustration on her brother's furry little friend)

6.5)Katie Graves, A POEM, performed by the author (Katie expresses her
excitement over potato chips poetically)

7) Amy Alls, HOLIDAY BLUES, song, performed by the author with John
Bryant on guitar (Amy's got the Holiday Blues)

8) Mike Allen, SNUFFING THE DRAGON, poem, performed by the author (Mike
speaks of peddlers of dragon phlegm)

9) Chad Snyder, BAD CHRISTMAS BY RESCUE 635 SCENE II, dramatic scene,
performed by the author, Mitzi Akers and Adrien Monti (Two rescue
workers get a very disturbing call on Christmas Eve and are faced with
a moral dilemma)

10)BLUE, ALL THAT I CAN DO IS THINK ABOUT YOU, poem, performed by the
author (Blue's tender soul is tortured by incurable infatuation)

11)Adrien Monti, IT'S YOUR TURN TO GO, memoir, performed by the author
(Adrien is puzzled by enigmatic street signs and extremely frustrated
by passive Roanoke drivers)

12)Brill, L-SPACE: 008 NINJAS, comedic scene, performed by Vickie Holt,
Mike Allen and a bunch of mysteriously attired ninjas (The L-Space crew
discuss powerful narratives while being attacked by many ninjas)

13)Sexy Bitches, END OF THE YEAR, dadist scene, performed by the troupe
(The Sexy Bitches destroy the dragon of the apocolypse and urge people
not to buy all of the bread when it snows)

14)Ross Laguzza, OUTSIDE THE STREAM, dramatic monologue, performed by
the author (Ross speaks of the feelings that arise after discovering
you have cancer and the subsequent internally driven isolation that

15)Robb Rouse, CAROL OF THE NO SHAMERS, performed by The No Shame Choir
(Robb Rouse, Laura Tuggle Anderson, John Bryant and Amy Alls pay
tribute to No Shame to the tune of Carol of the Bells)