Thursday, May 12, 2005


Ok, my eyes are bleeding, but I think the orders the room rosters for Piccolo are mostly done.

If you are not on the lists, don't panic, it just means that I haven't had a final confirmation of your pieces and/or your dates.

The orders are NOT final, there will be twekaing and reordering and things will get dropped off as more people who are actually coming confirm, I will drop some of the people who are not going to be there in order to make room for you, but if you confirm, you better get there or I'll kill you dead.

Check both of these lists frequently to be certain nothing has changed which affects you.

Lastly, if there are pieces listed for you that you DON'T want to do, tell me and offer a replacement. Pieces were not always chosen because they were your best work, but because they best fit the program and the audience demographic of the festival.

If there are pieces, whether you did them or not, which you think ought to be on the list, this is your last chance to nominate.

Ok, here are the links:

Room assignments

Piccolo Orders

The Poster

The Official Festival Page

The Fundraising brochure

Pleasae print off copies and give to people who might contribute. We need to raise $6191.00 to cover all costs before we go, including rooms, publicity, insurance, and theatre rental. Not having to worry about ticket sales to cover the costs will make everyone enjoy the festival a lot more. Please give what you can, but if you can't make a contribution to the fund, please at least buy a couple tickets when you are down there.

Thanks again everyone--this is going to be a terrific event!


Thursday, May 05, 2005

Wow! The blog is back!

Thank you tech people at, glad to have this up and running again!

Look to this space for Piccolo Spoleto reports!