Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Best of No Shame Fall 2012

The order (which may or may not be in order):

For My Piece Tonight At No Shame Theater I’m Going To Be Doing Five Minutes Of Funny Stand-up Comedy Please Enjoy by Sally May Jepsen
Tree Hung Darkly- Blind Child
What I'll Be - Alec Gluesing
My dinner with George - Craig
Verse- Olivia
Hissdemeanor – Morgan Miller
Peas Make Sunshine-  Rai Dioactive
Folds of Takeshi –Burai Myakitairu
True Love Comes In Strange Forms- John Shang
Lenny the Conqueror – Spencer Abbe
Organic- Josephine Roo and John Dingo
18 Candles- Michael Jeffries
Pragmatism 101- The Undiscovery Channel
Lard Boy – Taylor Cook
The Cutting Edge of Psychotherapy by Jon Chown
Single bedroom suite- Molly Jane Sisson
The One For Me- John dingo
This actually happened…or did it?- Nick Edinger
Unnecessary Times To Use Film Noir- Jesse
Ghosts- Cook Brothers

Thanks to everyone who brought a piece to No Shame this semester!

Saturday, December 01, 2012

DEAD WEEK No Shame November 30, 2012


The order and your opinions in the comments.