Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rules of No Shame


1. Your piece must be original.

2. Your piece must be under 5 minutes.

3. Your piece cannot hurt anyone or anything. Feelings are an exception.


We meet in the lobby starting at 10:00 PM Fridays at the theater building. If you have a piece, you should come sometime between then and 10:30. Please bring enough copies of the script for everyone in the piece and an extra one for the board. The order is put together on a first come first served basis and we cap the number at 15 pieces per night, plus a maximum of 5 point-fives. If you're just coming to watch, you can meet us in the lobby a little before 11, and we'll head to the performance space together.

You can submit pieces anonymously through the No Shame Drop Box located by the TA Mailboxes in the theater building in the hallway between Theater B and Thayer. You must submit enough copies for everyone in your piece as well as an extra one for the board.

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