Saturday, April 07, 2012

No Shame Order 4/6

Order in the Commentz!!!!1111!!!!234567890


Blogger Morgan Miller said...


1. Do you know what bothers me - Sasha
One word answers, themes, and some dude whose name started with a J, I think.

2. Independence Daze - Tim

3. Excerpts From My Upcoming Play, "Serious Rockstar Drama" - Asher Stuhlman
A rockstar goes to hell for Satanium, a drug, and then regresses back through childhood.

4. I Should Have Known - Ahab
A guy in a suit plays the trumpet in the dark.

5. Strut Your Stuff Contest - Jesse
Three people who don't frequent the stage dance-off. We're all winners.

6. It Was At Eerie Night: Written October 19, 2004 - David Rout
"...cowering in the comfort of their own home...It truly was an eerie night."

7. The Ferris Wheel - Maiden of the Mist
Short anonymous poem.

8. The Master of Melbourne - John Dingo
A song accompanied by electric guitar about an Australian man.

8.5. Passover Play - Asher Stuhlman
At least they're not pagans.

9. Half-Naked Lady reads Half-Naked Poems - Eliana
Trumpet guy and darkness return for thoughts about public nudity and a poem.

10. The Serious Banana Man - Spencer Abbe
Spencer has 7 bananas. He eats four of them.

11. Perfect Peacock Scenes - Blind Child
A semi-old story from Taylor.

12. The Scene in Which John Tells Marek That She Is Cute - John Chown
JON AND MAREK. Marek's crazy, but she's still cute.

13. The Case of the Missing Dog - 3rd Grade Morgan Miller
In my defense, I wanted to be a florist when I grew up.

14. Bryan McIntyre Age 5 - Bryan
SPOILER: There was a blue monster who ate the sun, the cops shot him and he spit the sun out.

15. The Brotherhood of Shame
Bryan's a dick, but there's some girl-on-girl action to balance out all the guy-on-guy that's been happening. AND NOAH MISSED IT.

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