Sunday, December 11, 2011

Old Order Found!

This probably isn't a full order and might not even be from the same night, but I think we might make these eligible for BONS spring semester if any of them are worthy since they were left out of the running for fall's BONS. Except for Preacher Time by Jeremiah Sampson and Capitol Steps for the GOP Candidate by Dick Roberts

1. A list of porn titles by Craig

Grinding Nemo, The Fuck It List, Pari of Normal Ass Titties and a dozen more

2. The Meaning of The Christmas Song Is It wroten by Craig


3. I hate my roommate by Jesse

I seem to recall a lot of white stuff on Craig's face

4. Letter to an Old Friend by David Rout

A friend's betrayal

5. I want a Life by Arlen Lawson

Arlen mono-fucking-logues for a while.

6. Vancouver by Rai Tokuhisa

A song.

7. From the makers of that pirate porn comes that new ninja porn by the people who don't use all that CGI shit.

sneaky orgasms.

8. -979 (.979?) by Stinky Jones

Another song.

9. The Ballad of Ray Roberts by William Ford

Yet another song.

10. On Death and Shit by Molly Jean

I don't remember this one, but it sounds heartwarming

11. An Open letter to the Fat Cats on Wall Street by Spencer Abbe

Don't recall this one either. I will simply imagine for a moment infinite fat cats

The following aren't pieces I've found, but I remember them:

Spencer and Craig start a religion by Spencer, and Craig's follow up piece

SPIRIT OF THE BOOKS! And a duck named mortichi

Quit Doppleganging up on me by Bryan and Morgan

Bryan and I do terrible impressions of and are dicks to each other.


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