Monday, December 05, 2011

No Shame! December 2!! DEAD WEEK!!!

1. Spam Monologue- by Asher Sthulman

Asher eats spam and gives us its gross history.

2. Surprise! -by Rai Parfait and Sasha


3. A Problem With Time Travel- by Nick Edinger

Forget about all the time loop stuff, just waste 'er already!

4. Two Poems- by Olivia and Kristen

Touching memorial poems for dead week.

5. An Unpopular Opinion- by Spencer Abbe

bluh bluh END THE HAWKS bluh bluh

6. Song For Our Grandfather- Sean Burnham

A touching memorial sax song.

7. Where's my hat? - Jesse


8. Sex is Like...- by Craig Martin

Sex is like Skyrim, once nerds get it it's all they'll talk about.

9. Ask Away - Jesse

Muchas Pregunats!

10. If He Had- by a Lady

Adolf Hitler's alternative autobiography.

11. The Mexican Whore-Standoff- by Craig Martin


12. Recollections of Holiday Traditions- by My. Orphans


13. Little Timmy's Tootin' Trombone: A Christmas Tale- by Matt maybe I don't recall

A Chirstmas story with Devito and Freeman

14. And Then My Mom Walked In- by Matt Picket

The rythem to "Prince Ali" is alluring...

15. The Donner Disney Party- by Matt Picket

Nom nom nom DUCK

16. Dry Youth- Taylor Pedersen

cool poetry dude


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