Thursday, August 18, 2011

On Iowa! Special Show

We did a free show Wednesday for the incoming freshman and whoever else decided to show up in the Illinois Room of the IMU. It was pretty dang fantastic. The out-of-order order is in the comments.


Blogger Morgan Miller said...

1. Urbia
Asher talks about faceless crowds in the WIndy City.

2. $ell, $ell, $ell
Spencer regales us with a tale of the world's best and only immortal salesman.

3. Transitive Verb (slang) - The prcoess by which one turns into a whore
An oldy but a goody.

4. Qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq
Marek is foreign, Morgan is racist, and Craig is a very busty man.

5. That Damned Alphabet, Part A
Fuckin' A

6. I love you all
Taylor sings a song about people getting shot in the face and hair blowing all over the place.

7. Elderly Drivers
Bryan has dead Chinamen, Spencer is confused.

8. Sandwiched
Marek had the sexiest sandwich ever, Asher wants one too.

9. More Elderly Drivers
Bryan doesn't understand Catholicism, Spencer doesn't understand Bryan.

10. A Tradition is Founded
Gregor made cinnamon rolls. They were to die for.

11. Coming Out
Spoiler: Morgan is a flaming heterosexual.

12. Seven Cats Ice-Dancing
Exactly what is sounds like. Craig finally commits the heinous crime of petty larceny after a life of crime at the U of I. Spencer has seen it before.

13. Claustrophobia
Spencer and Asher hate each other until the wall brings them closer together and then to their death.

14. That Damned Alphabet, Part B
Son of a B!

15. Candyland
What have you done to raise awareness about violence against candy vendors today?

16. I'm Afraid of Rabbits
Asher is afraid of rabbits. Random girl from the audience is unfazed

17. Marek is a JEW
and Bryan is a JAP

18. The Most Goddamn Terrifying, Horrible, Astounding, Ridiculous, Absolutely, Completely, Totally 100% True Story You've Ever Heard or Ever Will Hear In Your Entire Life

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