Sunday, March 27, 2011

No Shame Iowa City 3-25-11

Holy shit, you guys. Order in the comments!


Blogger Katy Baggs said...

1. Journal Entry #23 by Grand County Police Station

A babysitter journals her bad night with a kid, a dog, and homework while increasingly creepy things happen. It cuts off at the end, so we never get to know what really hap-

2. Bad Romance Parody by Molly Middleton

Molly sings a song to the tune of "Bad Romance" but it is about POKEMON. She beat Team Rocket, she has a Charizard.

3. The Way the King Does It by evn skenk and Katy Baggs

Elvis is into women with nice feet. He is into feet. He is not into rotten feet covered in corns and bunions.

4. Chutes and Ladders Part 1 by Eric Jesteadt

A typo inspires Eric to write a war story where the combatants are actual chutes and real ladders.

5. Pillow Lust by Bryan

Bryan gives up kanji late at night to have some good times with his pillow. He wants to take the pillow to Scotland. The pillow is unfaithful. Bryan's upset.

6. Bobby Franklin's Dream by Janani Sreenivasan

An anti-choice Georgia legislator has a nightmare about being in a study inside a giant vagina flooding with blood.

7. Marek, Morgan, and Noah go to Hell. They go directly to Hell. They do not pass Go. They do not collect $200 by No, MaMo! Don't!

Marek delivers a salacious sermon in praise of hedonistic depravity. At the end, everyone gets a facial!

8. Sexual Affirmations by Asher Stuhlman

Asher gets totally, truly naked and delivers a list of sexual affirmations: "I maintain erections easily! I am handsome!!"

3/27/2011 2:22 AM  
Blogger Katy Baggs said...

I'll review a few:

Bad Romance Parody by Molly Middleton: I liked this, though I think it could have used a speaker. The song being more audible makes it easier to sing along with, which makes for a more confident performance. The words were funny!

Pillow Lust by Bryan: Evan and I talked later about how Bryan has a really good stage presence and uses it well, like him even just turning toward the pillow makes people laugh.

Sexual Affirmations by Asher Stuhlman: This was hilarious and took a lot of nerve to do. It reminded me of old school No Shame. If it happened before a larger audience, the room would have exploded.

3/27/2011 6:33 AM  
Blogger Eli said...

Hey guys!

Sorry I haven't been to any shows this year. Living in St. Louis sucks big ones. But if any performers are looking for stock scripts to perform let me know. I have a pretty good library and can tell you where to find many many more.

That being said, the main reason I am posting here today is a shameless plug for my own blog. I have been working on a play and have been putting it up scene by scene and I am looking for some feedback. I trust all of your opinions more than the Missoura folk around here. Also some of the scenes where written for No Shame (one was performed). Thanks and miss you all!

3/28/2011 1:27 PM  
Anonymous Eric L said...

It appears the longstanding tradition continues wherein I miss No Shame nudity.

3/28/2011 2:18 PM  
Anonymous Asher said...

1. Well-written interpretation of a standard plot.

2. The best lyrics here were the ones that completely undermined audience expectation of what a Pokemon trainer would be proud of, e.g. "I'm only 10."

3. Don't step on my blue suede shoes... because you'll screw up the vagina in my foot.

4. This was great, of course. As a youth, I was more familiar with "snakes and ladders", which I think would be even funnier.

7. I didn't see this piece.

8. :D

3/28/2011 2:49 PM  

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