Saturday, February 05, 2011

No Shame Iowa City 2/4/11

Awesome show, everyone! We had a fun time in Room 166, but expect to be in Theatre B next week. Order in the comments, folks.



Blogger Katy Baggs said...

1. Friday Night Tales by Mark Smolyar

Mark blogs from 2006 about everything from brats to hobbies like collecting bandages.

2. Witch's Rap by Sydney Hayes

A witch from that one fairytale raps about that guy who steals a bean from her garden. She gets his firstborn.

3. Fetish: A Love Story by Katy Baggs

A woman likes watching pumpkins smash apart at pumpkin throwing festivals. REALLY likes it.

4. A Love Story by Penny

A grandmother tells her granddaughter about how she met grandpa. Her tits don't look like much now, but they used to be real humdingers!

4.5. Alarm Clocks by Spencer Abbe

Sometimes he wakes up and yells AAAAAAHH! He thinks this might mean he's Batman.

5. It's Over by Kelly Marginnis

A couple realizes their relationship is over, but resolve to spend the summer together before parting. Ends with a White Sox joke!

6. Bedtime Stories of the Near Future by Asher Stuhlman

A father tells his daughter a story from the future, describing all that will be different in the year 3003. Punchline: "Daddy, what does 'ejaculated' mean?"

7. Marek Can't Find a Boyfriend by Marek

Marek is on a blind date with a guy who, as it turns out, aspires to be the GOD OF ALL MIDWIVES! "That's where the vagina goes..."

8. The Vampire Vicodin by Jane

Jane is loopy from wisdom teeth removal and breaks her vow to not consume vampire-related materials with Anne Rice. "Bestill my Catholic heart!"

(Personal note from me, Katy - check out Fledgling by Octavia Butler. I haven't read that particular work of hers, but I will say that Butler was ace).

9. The Annual Strategy Meeting of the Harry Johnson Moose Party by Mike McGafferty

HJMP is up against a formidable foe - the Beaver Party, tightening their grip on the members of society.

10. Only the Weather Channel Loves Me by Barbara, Joanna, and Spencer

Joanna gets regular text messages from the Weather Channel that get creepier and creepier. She decides she needs to break up with it.

10.5. Senses by Laura

A nice little poem that was indeed sensual. Or sensory. Either!

11. Porn Addiction by Alaynna

A song about what it sounds like, to the tune of some song by Taylor Swift that I forgot even though Alaynna told me. She's not so much into the incest porn, but everything else...

That was the show! Write in and tell us what you thought.

2/05/2011 12:59 AM  
Anonymous Asher said...

1. This left me confused, but oddly satisfied, like ice-cream cake.

2. Was this a rap? I mean, I enjoyed it, but it wasn't a rap, was it?

3. I can't help but imagine this was at least loosely based on a true story.


4.5. Spencer's life must be an awesome one indeed.

5. I had a really dumb comment here, but I erased it because this play was the closest to normal theater we had today, and I didn't want to undermine that.

6. Deliberately bad prose is great fun to write.

7. There is no way this is not based on a true story.

8. A very good piece about drugs with a nice subpiece about vampires. Kids, don't do drugs! You'll start reading Twilight or something like that.

9. :D :D :D

11. I thought this was "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", which confused me for a bit.

2/05/2011 1:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm Penny!!!

2/09/2011 7:21 PM  
Anonymous Penny said...

I know for a fact you are not Penny because I am.

2/10/2011 9:04 AM  
Anonymous Not Spartacus said...

I'm Spartacus! No, I'm Spartacus!

2/10/2011 2:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

While your name in this blog might be Penny, I'm the Penny of No Shame's hearts! :P

2/10/2011 9:54 PM  

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