Monday, April 25, 2011

No Shame Iowa City 4-22-2011

We had a fun show, order in the comments.


Blogger evan schenck said...

1. MacQuarie's Machine
by evn skenk

Businesspeople fund the creation of a machine to allow complete interpersonal understanding.

2. A Monster
by Spencer Abbe

Spencer tells a story about a scary hallway involving monster.

3. Putin <3's Medvedev
by Keziah

Keziah talks about slash fanfiction involving real people.

4. No Way
by Molly


5. A Story About my dad
by Bryan

Bryan's dad told him a story that he probably should have kept to himself.

6. Marek Gets a Date
by MaMo

Marek waits around for her prince to arrive then settles for eating/sexing some flowers.

7. A Little Motherly Advice
by Penny

Marriage sucks and everyone hates eachother.

8. Sexy Bitches
by Alaynna

Dead man takes the time to molest the living and steal their drinks.

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