Monday, May 02, 2011

Iowa City BONS Spring 2011 Order!

Your BONS order for Spring 2011 is as such:

1. Therapy with Dr. Timothy Paddler by Lloyd Henry

Funny-voiced psychiatrist offers free-association as a path to mental well-being.

1.5. Fish of April by Eric Jesteadt

Two people find themselves in a real pickle AND/OR cucumber.

2. Monster Beats by Kjai

From the light copy for this piece: "A monster beat boxes. As he walks slowly. He exits and dies."

3. Why I'll Never Get Laid by Morgan Miller

Morgan has a mental monologue while riding the Cambus.

4. Unfinished Novel by Lydia Crowe, age 8

Lydia reads a passage from a story she wrote as a child: wolves speaking wolf language, having wolf magic, you know.

5. Kristin Buys a Swear Master by Kristin

A shy woman purchases a huge man to shout obscenities at her enemies.

6. A Love Story by Penny

A grandmother tells her granddaughter about how she met grandpa. It gets a little racy.

7. Macky Was Aces by Taylor Cook

Taylor is such a great songwritey guitar of a guy, you will need to hear this yourself.

8. Spencer Tells a Story by Spencer

Spencer uses a blender with curious powers in an attempt to solve his silverfish problem.

9. Witch's Rap by Sydney Hayes

You have heard fairy tales before about dudes stealing from witches' gardens, but here a witch tells her side. In rhyme.

10. Fetish: A Love Story by Katy Baggs

A woman indulges her unconventional sexual fantasy.

11. Asher N Taylor Play a Song by Asher and Taylor

We like hearing their song parodies. This is one of them.

12. Only the Weather Channel Loves Me by Barbara, Joanna, and Spencer

The Weather Channel starts to get the wrong idea about a relationship and gets clingy.

13. In Which Girls Happen by Keziah Clopton

Keziah recounts her own attraction/friendship to someone she eventually drifts away from.

14. Competitive Bear Fucking by evn skenk

A proposal for a new and thrilling sport.

15. Marek is a JEW by Marek Muller

Marek finds an unexpected sweetheart and bursts into song!

So there's our BONS order. It's going to be a great show, so bring all your friends. It's in Theatre B and costs $3, but it's really worth SO MUCH MORE that I assure you it is a good deal and your tummy will rumble with jolly laughter and your mind will feel sated and content after such an entertainment binge. Come to the show. Also, I'm looking for all the Dead Week pieces but there will be a post with that order up soon too. Rest assured that it was a good show and we had a good time. Songs were sung.



Blogger GregM said...

God damnit I wish I still was at UIowa so I could see these.

"Kristin Buys a Swear Master" (A shy woman purchases a huge man to shout obscenities at her enemies.) sounds awesome, as does Evan's "Competitive Bear Fucking."

5/02/2011 2:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope this BONS will be taped as well.

5/02/2011 2:18 PM  
Anonymous Eric L said...

I too wish I could be there for this show because the order looks excellent. I do hope to see it all on YouTube though.

5/03/2011 4:46 PM  
Blogger Katy Baggs said...

I will be taping it! So expect to see it on Youtube within the week.

5/06/2011 4:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to the 4/29 order?

5/09/2011 3:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mmm mmm good!

5/17/2011 9:22 PM  

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