Saturday, November 05, 2011

No Shame Theater Discussion 11/4

So apparently there was a theme of long piece titles this week! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

1. 21 Bits of Wisdom by Morgan Miller

Morgan has 21 things to say about turning 21. And about life.

2. The Hollow Road by Spencer Abbe

A horror story for geographers about a hollow road.

3. Socially Awkward Sofa

Craig, Morgan, and Bryan are apparently qualified to offer relationship advice. And they do.

4. A List of Important Things to Remember to Have a Better Life Written By A Guy Who Couldn't Think of a Cleverer Title

Another set of pearls of wisdom, this time by Jesse. #5: Don't Listen to Coldplay. BULLSHIT, say I!

5. Witching Hour by Rai Tokuhisa

Another wonderful song by Rai.

6. The Reason I Close The Door When I Go Nighty-Night by you know, that guy in the hallway from across the room.

A horror story... "And that's why I close my eyes when I masturbate."

7. Zugzwang! A Short Play Repeated Three Times In A Row Before Resulting In A Draw The Fourth Time Around (As Per The Rules) by Asher Stuhlman

"Move." "No, you move." Ad infinitum.

8. Daddy, Why Am I Bleeding? by Sasha + Jimmy

Spoiler: it was because he had sex with Barbie.

9. A Change of Tone by Nick Edinger

A not-so-serious serious piece of abstract poetry.

10. I Just Can't Help Myself by Tia

A girl is compelled to use pickup lines on everyone she meets runs into a guy who uses pickup lines on everyone he meets. Pickup ensues.

11. Mediacom Spending Their Money Well Question Mark? by Jesse

Mediacom is spending money on refitting the seats in Iowa's basketball arena because apparently basketball is more important than a new arts building.

12. Placeholder

Allon joins the Assisted Teen Assisted Suicide Club and kills a unicorn.

13. I Had A Dream About Craig Martin by Jesse

Jesse had a dream about Craig and an IHOP. Craig has a twin brother who is a jerk. Also, there's a magician, and the magician is an angry girl Jesse hit on in a club.

14. The Hard Times of Lucius Malfoy: Episode 1: Voldemort's Birthday (Semicolon) Yeah. by Adam Phillips

Harry Potter fanfic. Harry is a ditz, Lucius is a jerk, and Voldemort is nonplussed.

15. The Follies of Franklin pt. II: Herman's Revenge by Matt Pickett

Franklin the giraffe eats cocaine-powdered donuts and has sex with strippers in Las Vegas.


Anonymous Nick Edinger said...

Really great night. I thought the best ones were 3, 11, and 14. I'd say the same for 9, but I'll admit to having a bit of bias towards that one.

11/05/2011 2:17 PM  
Anonymous Craig Martin said...

Best pieces of the night were 14 and 5.

11/07/2011 1:40 AM  
Anonymous Craig Martin said...

I also liked 3.

11/07/2011 1:47 AM  

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