Saturday, February 18, 2012

Old Order #1 - 2/3/12

1. Never Heard 'em Singin' by John Dingo

2. The Sexiest Sex Line by Craig Martin

3. Dreams by Molly Jean

4. Blood for the Blood God by Asher Stuhlman

5. Segway by Moon Bones

6. Staked Out by Noa. S. Brown

7. Hurk Jimmel Turk by M. Truby Steef

7.5. My Encounter With The 4th Wall by Jesse Heisel

8. Hey, Buddy! by Steve Monaco

9. Socially Awkward Sitcom Episode 3 by Mmmmmm....

10. This Poem Is For Humans Only by Dog Killer M.D.

11. The Idiot Monologues Pt. I by Terry On Fire

12. That Damned Alphabet pts. 26, 26, and 26 by Noah S. Brown

13. Cinderbro by Sasha

14. A Part by Rai

15. Fishing Rods + Lace by Ahab

15.5. A Shocking Thing I Realized About Craig Martin by Jesse Heisel


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