Sunday, February 26, 2012

No Shame 2/24/12

We had a full and varied order--see it in the comments!


Blogger Morgan Miller said...

1. Spencer Confronts Jesse - Jesse Heisel

Jesse puts Spencer in a skit.

2. Under Pressure - Morgan Miller

Some dude shares his first kiss with some chick's butt.

3. Free Hands - Jjaro

At least his hands were free.

4. Rayazza Cattivo - Rai Dio

Rai sings a song in Italian. What can't she do?

4.5. Date Night - Marek
Well, that was awkward.

5. Trouble - Schutzie
Masturbation, loneliness, and Facebook statuses, perhaps the three best markers of our generation.

5.5. A Game That Every Guy In High School Played At Least Once - A Guy Who Went To High School
penis Penis PEnis PENis PENIs PENIS

6. Obsessive 2 AM Ramblings of a College Freshman - College Freshman
Deceptive yellow crayons that write brown can be beautiful too.

7. Field Experience - Sean
Sean almost goes without the box, but thinks better of it, tells a story involving bugs.

8. James The Cat and His Adventure Sweater - Spencer Abbe
There are also adventure boxers and pants and the grand canyon is boring but beating up space torandoes caused wind to happen.

8.5. 02/27/12 - Jesse
Jesse is going to be 21 on Monday.

sqrt(-72). Zombie - Craig
Zombie, sex, and crying. So basically a typical weekend.

9. Atticus & Hog At Odds - Torvald Clov, adapted for a modern audience from an unfinished manuscript by Taylor Cook
All the man wants is a cookie but all he gets is the milky milk milk.

10. 2:30 AM - Molly Jean
Stuff happens at 2:30. None of it is sleep.

11. The Idiot Monologues pt. 4 + 5 - Taylor
Taylor and his cool goggles talk about TVs and surgery and being uncle Tom and the harlet in Scarlet

12. A.O.S.: An Imbalance of the Humors - Michael
Nick pulled Michaels finger too many times, Michael almost died.

13. Storytime - Mick Medinger
A story acted out by members of the audience.

14. First Date - Bryan
Marek, looking a bit more masculine and Asian than usual, makes out with parking-cone Craig and threatens Taylor/Noah.

15. Chairs for the Chair God: Epilogue - Asher
John Chown is now Chairon, All Hail!

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