Saturday, February 18, 2012

Old Order #3 - 2/17/12

1. Blogna by Jesse
Jesse tries to get Marek to make him a sandwich. Homegirl don't play that.

2. Career Advising by Marek's Life
A recreation of what I can only assume is a completely true event

2.5. Can by Alex
Someone wants a dollar. He cannot has.

3. Day by M. Truby Steef
Another nonsense poem this week.

4. My Dad Is The Best Dad by Molly Jean
I think 10 years still count.

4.5. I Have by Alex
Hands down pants. Still no dollar.

5. Marathons by Tyler Francis Everett
Oh I get it, it's about sperm. Racing to the egg. And we won because we exist. Take that, lesser haploid cells.

6. Chair God Trilogy (All Hail) part 3 by Asher
The final installment includes a reference to the nonsense poem writer.

6.5. A Dollar? by Alex
A PSA against asking fro money. You will be shot.

7. Revenge
Craig interviews the real Bryan McIntyre while some other tall asian guy in the audience glared.

8. Idiot Monologues pt. 3 by Taylor
The conclusion of Taylor wearing really awesome goggles. Or is it?

9. Italian Refrigerator by Rai
The answer to the Black Eyed Peas question: Where is the love?


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