Saturday, February 18, 2012

Old Order #2 - 2/10/12 *NO PANTS NO SHAME

*Technically Pants-Optional No Shame

1. No Pants No Shame Opening Speech by Craig Martin
What it sounds like

2. Letter to my Beloved by David Rout
A mad lib that makes too much sense.

2.5. Compensation (this and all .5s were the Tinkerbell sketches)
Peter Pan has trouble with the ladies, Tinkerbell helps

3. Singularity by Ladders

3.5. Sigh
See 2.5

4. If The Westboro Baptists Took Over Hollywood (by Nick?)
Fred Phelps sure does hate the gays.

4.5. Intruder
See 3.5

5. A Poem About Valentine's Day by Molly
Hehe. Masturbation.

5.5. Big Guns
See 4.5

6. Flash Fiction by Sean
Deviating from his usual poetry into Katie's territory.

6.5. Winner
See 5.5

7. The Idiot Monologues Pt. II by Blind Child
Taylor tells the second part of a story wearing awesome goggles

8. Half-and-Half by Spencer Abbe
A serious piece in which homophobia and homosexuality split up and then mixed up

9. The Penultimate Love Story by Rai Dioactive
In the form of a pretty love song.

10. Desolation - Early 21st Century Poetry (by Bryan)
Craig Martin is a skilled poet who loves cheese and hates Michael

10.5. A Declaration of Love
Actually, a declaration of War. Lots of Craig on Bryan/Bryan on Craig action to come.

11. Romantic Poem by M. Truby Steef
A nonsense poem read to the tune of the jabberwockee that wasn't the jabberwockee

12. Train Scene by Asher Stuhlman
Butts in chairs (all hail)

13. Love Letter.. You Know, For V-Day by Sasha
Another mad lib, this one created with the help of the audience, who have a disturbing Craig fetish, apparently


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