Saturday, March 24, 2012


We had a show. Order in the comments. But first, a public service announcement:

If you make a mess


Thank you.


Blogger Morgan Miller said...

1. Busking - Asher
I caught the tail end of this. There was a guy with an accordian (The Bus King?) and a woman who found her mother's hand.

2. PSA - Nick Edinger
Knowledge is power.

3. Stand Up - Jake Vevera
A newb tells jokes.

4. A Dream - Blind Child

5. On Snack Food - Spencer
Skittles and Iced Tea--Intimidating?

6. Scrap of Paper Blues - John Dingo
An acapella piece

6. Stand Up - Red Neck
Stand up from an occassional performer.

8. Craig Martin Standup - Craig Martin
Stand up from a regular. Then a kidnapping.

9. Peter Pan - Nick Lecnar

10. She was dead long before her toes scraped the floor - Jjaro

11. Above the Bar - Dog Killer, M.D.
A man meets a woman for the first time.

12. Two Birds - Anonymoustache
Or are they?

12.5. A Depressed Snail - Marek, Deidra, Noah
Deidra left the stove on.

13. Playtime with Mr. White - Bryan
Bryan threatens Craig's Wrestlemania collection. Craig refuses to eat peeps. Bryan dumps fruit punch all over the place, then doesn't help clean up. I hope Craig wins this feud.

I was out of the room for many of the pieces, but if anyone could provide a brief description of the ones I've missed, that would be helpful.

3/24/2012 6:51 PM  

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