Saturday, April 07, 2012

3/30 No Shame Order

Order in the Comments


Blogger Morgan Miller said...

This was a couple of weeks ago, so I'm blanking on a summary of what some of these were.

1. A Wall - Asher Stuhlman
...of dildoes. Dildos? I don't care to know how that's pluralized.

2. The Paper - Federalist

3. Working the Corner - Tyler Francis Evertt

4. A Thousand Nightmare Worlds - Spencer Abbe
Spencer does a piece about how awful and not funny rape is. Truth.

5. War Criminal - Someone In This Room

5.5 The Man in the Corner - Bryand and Spencer

6. The Most Dangerous Role-Playing Game - Nick Edinger

7. Cupful of Feathers - Rai Parfait
A song.

8. La Seduction de la Belle Fille et d Poeme d'enfer

9. Macaroni - That One Italian Guy
Children, acting, and a coach who swear like a sailor don't mix well.

10. Purported: The Void - Blind Child

11. A Statement - Craig Martin / A Rebuttal - Bryan
Bryan goes too far.

4/07/2012 3:50 PM  
Anonymous Tucker said...

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