Monday, April 16, 2012


It was Friday the 13th. Nothing particularly unlucky occurred. Order in the comments!


Blogger Morgan Miller said...

0. Role Call - Jesse
Jesse takes attendance.

1. Got Earth - Tim Keating
Earth day is coming up.

2. Frigiphobia - Typer Francis Evertt
A guy is afraid of the cold. Overcomes his fear. Gets hit on the head with an icebox.

3. Snail Wars - Marek, Morgan, some other folks I guess
Mardra snail and Chim snail fight an epic battle for the ages. Noah watches and speaks Britishly.

3.5. They Say To Write What You Know - Asher
4. Half-Naked Girl has Half-Naked Meltdown - Eliana
Apparently the melt-down was leaving before the show.

5. Durr - Spencer Abbe
Hurr, it's a durr.

6. Jim - Blind Child
Some guy, named Jim?, takes a severed monkey's paw and does creepy things.

7. All I'm About - Nick Edinger
Someone broke the skit.

8. Tiny Man - Chase Garrett
A tiny man plays a boogie-woogie song about being a tiny man, it doesn't mean he has a tiny...heart.

9. A Theatrical Revue - Dr. Timothy Paddler
Bryan breaks out his Bill Cosby voice, only to be interrupted by Craig, who learns he is going to have an asian half-brother.

10. I've Always Wanted To Do This - Asher
Hugs for everyone!

11. Epitaphs - Sean
Sean sings a song for three relatives who have died. He gets more hugs.

4/16/2012 6:11 PM  
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