Saturday, December 05, 2009

IC No Shame 12/4 "Dead... (I mean) Christmas Week"

We had a small show. It was a lot of fun for being so short and sparsely attended. Anywho... here is the order:

1) Song Name and Lyrics Changed for Copyright Reasons OR: Because it's dead week and we think we can get away with it -by Your Favorite band
2) Instructional Video Improv w/ Luke and Alaynna
3) Reefer Madness: A Reaction by Asher Stuhlman
4) Exercise -by Travis Holle
5) Eagle Song - by Alaynna Lycke
6) Improv with Board Members -by The Board
7) I am So Strung Out - by Evan is a Troubled Artist
8) Vladimir Putins Movie Spoilers -by Mirri and Katy


Blogger LSK said...

1. I'm amazed this got the reaction it did. I genuinely thought it would be a throwaway piece - it wasn't intended to be underwhelming, but it was intended to be more of a joke piece: an elaborate setup for a sarcastic cover song.

2. I liked this a lot.

3. Burge's take-away meal brownies aren't particularly tasty.

4. The objects on the stage got used a lot yesterday. I'm surprised we managed to not destroy any property.

5. Swell.

6. "My hand's not full yet."

7. Animoo. I don't particularly enjoy the stuff myself, but I loved the piece.

8. Amazing.

I think this show was awesome. It had a character to it not found in other No Shame weeks.

- Asher

12/05/2009 1:43 PM  
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