Wednesday, April 06, 2005

LA No Shame Order: April 1st, 2005

0) Jonathan Price & Jeff Goode - No Shame Theatre Song (awkward desperation version)(Jeff Goode, Jonathan Price [piano], Brett Webster [guitar], Ellen Rae Littman [volunteer from the audience])

1) Scott McGee - Mickey Mouse's Middle Finger(J.J. Hickey, Scott McGee, Brian Rochlin, Mike Rothschild, Jennifer Webster, Jeff Hirbour, Ellen Rae Littman, David Caprita, Brett Webster, Jonathan Price, Chris Clarke, Brian Anderson, Jenn Harp, Eric Johnson [voice])

2) Eva Brontosaurus - Baby Got Sack(Chris Griffin, Yolanda McClam)

3) Nic de Armendi - Van Halen Sucks More than Bachman Turner Overdrive(Nic de Armendi, Mike Rothschild)

4) Jennifer Webster - Making An Impression(Brett Webster, Jennifer Webster)

5) Corinne Schnurr - What Goes Around(Ellen Rae Littman, Corine Schnurr, Ben Zolno, Moneer Yaqubi, David Caprita; dir. Debra Nathan)

6) Bob Parker - Lil' Fishys(Bob Parker)

7) Richard Nathan - Science Fiction Blast-Off Theater: "The New Adventures Of Stan Starburst: Chapter 1 - Planet of Death!"(Brett Webster, Nic de Armendi, Ellen Rae Littman, Sinclaire)

8) Jeff Goode - Movie Reviews with Mike & Jeff: "Sin City"(Mike Rothschild, Jeff Goode)

9) J.J. Hickey - Orpheus and Eurydice(J.J. Hickey, Jonathan Price [piano], Brett Webster [guitar])

10) David Caprita - Cosmic Cookie(David Caprita)

11) Brian Rochlin - Tug of War(Scott McGee, Jonathan Price [piano])

12) Mike Rothschild - Dating(Jeff Hirbour, Mike Rothschild, Nic de Armendi)

13) David Patterson - A Mere Formality(Jason Bariamis, Moneer Yaqubi, Jennifer Webster)

14) Jonathan Price - Three Dogs In Day Care(Donna Janosik)

15) Donna Janosik - I'm On A Highway to Hell(Joanne Casey, Brian Rochlin, Scott McGee)

16) Brett Webster & Scott McGee - fat boy(Brett Webster & Scott McGee)

Host: Jeff Goode
LBO & SBO: Cristino Molina
Interstitial Music: Jonathan Price
Order: Mike Rothschild


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