Wednesday, April 06, 2005

No Shame Roanoke Order: April 1st

1. Dwayne Yancey, THE KILLER ASTEROID, comic scene, performed by Laura Tuggle Anderson and John Bryant.

2. Jared Riesenberg, JOURNAL ENTRY 4.1.05: THE PROTESTANT FUNDAMENTALIST MOVEMENT, journal entry, performed by the author.

3. Aaron Fallon, PADDY O'BUDDHA: SON OF THE ENLIGHTENED, poem, performed by the author.

4. Trevor Wilhelms, SALMON, scene from end to beginning, performed by the author and Aaron Fallon.

5. Connie Sellers, UNTITLED, song sung a cappella, performed by the author.

6. Vickie Holt, THAT DOGGIE IN THE WINDOW, a short skit, performed by the author, John Brill and Kurt Kandy.

7. Amy Alls, DISCARDED, upbeat bluesy tune, performed by the author with guitar accompaniment by John Bryant.

8. Michael Villa, SIMPLE, poem, performed by the author.9. James Underdue, RELEASED, poem, performed by the author.

10. Keith Yancey, KEITH'S MAGIC TRICK, magic trick, performed by the author with audience participation.

11. Christina Smith, GENERATION, poem, performed by the author.

12. John Brill, MOVEMENT, political observations/monologue, performed by the author.

13. Mike Allen, SNUFFING THE DRAGON, poetic sermon,performed by the author and Laura Tuggle Anderson.

14. Hannah Glass, UNTITLED, poem, performed by the author.

15. Chad Snyder, LOT LIZARD, monologue, performed by the author.

16. Big Lick Conspiracy, THE HIDDEN WORDS, improvised scene set in a massage parlor (Audience endowed Fingers - Oils - Asian Woman), performed by Laura Tuggle Anderson, John Bryant and Kate Cash, with Robb Rouse fronting the scene.

Host: Robb "puppy master" Rouse
Box Office: Crystal Couch
Concessions: Rob Couch
Lights/Sound Op: Daryn WarnerOrder
Taker/Maker: John Bryant


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