Saturday, April 23, 2005

Iowa City Order 4-22-05

1. I Sense That I Am In A Sensual World of the Senses by Katy Baggs

2. Why So Down? Do Not Frown by Eli Wilkinson

3. Tonight, Live On Stage, Before Your Very Eyes, In A One-Night-Only, Sold-Out Special Engagement: Menages the Slow Kid Will Recreat For You The Same Feat That EArned Him The 1974 Speical Olympics Gold Medal As Well As A Lifetime Of International Stardom! by Menaeges the Slow Kid

4. Cowboy Train To Texas by The Michael Tabors

5. Adam Hahn Is A Mack Daddy by Jon Shelton

6. eBay-er by Rock 'n' Roll Norris

7. Project Rejections by Sean Shatto

8. A Ridiculous Scenario From A Dream Involving Blackbeard's Treasure by Mirri

9. Voice Mail 2 by Adam Hahn

10. What Kind of Baby? by Saddy Smith

11. Spend A Night With You & Here For You By Yashaar Chaichian

12. Falling Stars: The Uniformly Grisly Deaths of Oscar Winners by Aprille Clarke

13. Too Much Fun by Furious Skinny

14. Cheater Defeater by William Callahan


Anonymous Aprille said...

Thanks for posting the order, Silver D. Can you please post a new topic which people can comment on with their BONS nominations? Thanks.

4/23/2005 6:12 PM  

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