Friday, April 15, 2005

Roanoke Best of No Shame Tonight and Tomorrow

Come on out to Mill Mountain's Waldron Stage to see the Best of the last year!


Blogger Todd said...

The proposed order:
1) *John Bryant, THIS MYSTERY, song with guitar
2) *Kurt Kandy, A PIECE ON PEACE,
3) Todd Houff, A GONZO TRIBUTE, monologue, performed by the author
4) *Big Lick Conspiracy
5) *Chad Snyder, NIGHT OF THE COFFIN, memoir monologue
6) *Nelson Oliver, I HATE BALLOON ANIMALS; illusion
7) *Amber Carter, Danielle Donaldson GOTHIC BELLYDANCE
8) *Maria Levitov, SHOOTING STARS & FIREFLIES, song with guitar
9) *Robb Rouse, THE BABY SITTER, comic scene
10) *David Cheresnowsky; TV poem, performed by the author 540-537-6478
11) *Amy Alls, Her choice of songs


12) *Royal Jones and Rhythm Nation, I ONCE TOLD,
13) *Mike Allen, THE DREAM EATERS (Friday), A GHOST STORY (Saturday)
14) Christina Smith, ; GLASS HOUSES, serious poem
15) *Robb Rouse; THE JOB APPLICATION, rant poem performed by the author
16) *Simon Adkins, HAROLD ASHBY SELLS SMELLS, serious scene
17) *Tamathy Christensen; A DAY WITH MY MOM, comic memoir monologue
18) *Sydney Myers, UNTITLED, song with guitar, performed by the author
19) *Dwayne Yancey, Shooting at Ray's Quick Mart
20) *The Flying Thought Monkeys, HOW BILL GOT HIS SELF ESTEEM BACK,
21) Emily Clark and Erin Young, HOLY WRIT, comic scene
22) *Todd Ristau, VALENTINE'S DAY, monologue
23) *Jesse Kenny; HOME; free-form monologue, performed by author
24) *Laura Tuggle Anderson, AFTERLIFE, monologue
25) *Connie Sellers, TAKE NO BLAME GOT NO SHAME, song, performed by the

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