Saturday, February 13, 2010

No Shame Iowa City 2/12/10

1. "I'm So Excited" by Calvin Pennybacker

2. From Sci-Fi with Love by Deidra Hong

2.5. Deja Table by Asher Stuhlman

3. The Valentines Day with Luke by Luke

4. Now That Was a Sticky Situation by Chicken and Biscuits

5. A Physics Exam by Eric Jesteadt

5.5. Adversaries by Spencer Abbe

6. "CAKE" A Poem by Dr. Mondo Buttplug, Esq.

7. Shame by Asher Stuhlman with apologies to Patti Smith

8. Am I Losing It? by James S. Roth

9. Sacred Geometry by Kyle Ford

also a note we don't usually let an author have multiple pieces a night but i let it pass because we had a short order last night. Keep writing, folks, and see you next week!



Blogger LSK said...

1. This was pretty amusing, and well done for a cold read. It used a stereotypical character very effectively to convey a gag that only works in a theatrical setting.

2. Inanimate objects are the worst lovers! They never return your calls and you have to drag them across the stage yourself!

2.5. As I was saying...

3. This was pretty impressive considering that none of the actors knew what they were signing up for beforehand.

4. No Pants Theater!

5. This was probably the best of your pieces I've seen live. It could've been a bit tighter, but the jokes were wonderful and tasteless.

5.5. I was going to use this gag, but you did it much better anyways. Well played.

6. fhqhqgads

7. For those of you who were wondering why this was "with apologies to Patti Smith", I stole part of the last line from her poem "Babelogue." The original quote was "I am an American artist, and I have no guilt." I modified this to "I am an artist, and I have No Shame." Not a huge ripoff, but it was a big enough lift that I felt I needed to credit her.

8. I'd buy said services.

9. At first I was impressed by the devices. Then I was impressed by the choreography. Finally I was impressed by the sheer amount of practice the artist must have put in.

2/13/2010 11:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2/14/2010 10:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where was everybody? This order was only half the size of Week 1's. Were that many people out for Valentine's Day? (I know it's nice to have someone to love, but why can't you love No Shame too?)

2/18/2010 5:18 PM  

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