Monday, February 08, 2010

Iowa City 2/5/2010 Order:

We had our second show! There was a whole bunch of people who came and some new people performed. The order is in the comments


Blogger luke said...

I don't have the paper with the order written on it, so this is from all the extra scripts I used in the light booth. If there are any pieces missing from the order, please let me know and I'll update the list.

These may also be out of order

Here's what I got!

1) Why I wasn't at No Shame Last Week, by Asher Stuhlman
2) The Roommate Rap by Joe Jerkovich
3) "The Odd Couple" by James S. Roth
4) Nahgruk nishglebbin tuoaouoblock By Boolraush Ytt'ckashit
5) Geoffry and Kample a Moral Tale by Taylor Cook.
6) David and Gregory are Best Friends by David and Gregory
7) Generation X-Pendable by Dick Roberts
7.5) This was Never to be Performed by the Person Formally Known as the symbol "?"
8) Story time wif Devon, Brett, & Ben by Devon, Brett, & Ben
9) The Gettysburg Address by Spencer Abbe
10) Pwnage (Pown-age)
11) Vladimir Putin's Movie Spoils Pt. 2 by Katy and Mirri
12) Basement Cookin' by Mr. Happy Bunny and his Sidekick
13) Alternate Character Interpretation: Data By Evan and Katy

2/08/2010 8:14 PM  
Blogger luke said...

I was eager to post this so I could comment on Asher Stuhlman's piece where he said if a congressman said something that made absolutely no sense that he wouldn't get reelected. There is actually a 98% incumbent reelection rate in the House of Representatives, so it's pretty safe to say that a he can say whatever the hell he wants and will still have a job.

2/08/2010 8:16 PM  
Blogger luke said...

Oh and also. I'm going to start posting these on the new website as well.

I think we'll go for directing all of IC's No Shame stuff there.

www. your one stop shop...or something like that.

2/08/2010 8:19 PM  
Blogger LSK said...

(I posted my comment on the site)

2/08/2010 9:40 PM  
Blogger Eli said...

Yeah. I don't have the actual order. I thought I did. But I don't.

2/09/2010 12:45 AM  
Blogger Adamistic said...

Wherever the orders end up getting posted, it would be sooooooo cool if you could post even a partial sentence about what a piece was about. I usually couldn't tell you 10 minutes after the show what titles go with what pieces if the title isn't pretty blatantly related to the content, and it's not even because I'm old! I've always been this way. :) Pretty please?

2/09/2010 10:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LSK: If you commented on then it hasn't shown up yet. A repost of that same information would be nice? I'm itching for reviews.

2/09/2010 11:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Virtual Memory sure is becoming cheaper and cheaper and cheaper. I'm curious as to when we will finally hit the rate of 1c to 1 GB.

I can't wait for the day when I will finally be able to afford a 20 TB hard drive, haha. But for now I will be content with having a 16 gigabyte Micro SD in my R4i.

(Posted using Net10 for R4i Nintendo DS.)

2/10/2010 10:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Show -- pretty much from top to bottom. The audience's energy and response were quite heartening. David & Gregory as roommate refugees from the Big Bang Theory and Mirri and Katy with their Putin Spoilers schtick were as funny as the Olde, Olde Saturday Night Live (decades ago when it used to be funny). Way to "sell" the Spoonerisms bit, Spencer. I laughed until the moke of stridnight! Story Time was also over the top in a good way. Sounds like Asher Stuhlman would be up for a massed-debate (if you know what I mean), and Joe Jerkovich, I feel your pain -- and your scorn. Mr. Happy Bunny: I believe in Crystal Meth 'cause it believes in me.

Thanks for a good time. Best buck this old man has spent on entertainment in quite a while.

Dick Roberts

2/10/2010 12:00 PM  
Blogger LSK said...

To Anonymous:

Don't worry, I liked your piece best.

2/10/2010 3:24 PM  
Anonymous I Love Bottoms said...

I want more bottoms.

2/11/2010 12:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

story time was hilarious

so was the best friends one as well

the first one about the debate thingy mo-bobber was really boring tho

3/02/2010 5:58 PM  

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