Saturday, September 25, 2010

No Shame Iowa City 9/24/10

Order in the comments, people. Keep bringing your friends and your dollars and your pieces. No Shame survives by word of mouth!



Blogger Katy Baggs said...

1. Friday Night Tales by Mark Smolyar

A true, autobiographical story from Mark about being a girl and loving bears. Loving bears a lot.

2. The Harry Johnson City Elections by Mike McGafferty

Dick jokes abound in a powerful performance from Bryan.

3. Poetry by Alyssa

A woman in a cute dress reads three of her poems.

4. Sky Patrol Episode 2-7: Still Marooned on a Moon by Sky Patrol

More space stuff, also: an intern has been conditioned to sex up anyone who requests a sandwich.

5. In an Instant by Tyler Francis Everett

David Rout gives us a dramatic little story.

5.5. Why? by Kyle Lefeber

Short, lovelorn piece.

6. Movie Review by Molly Middleton

Molly recaps The Lion King for us.

7. Attemped Standup by Alaynna

Alaynna tells us about meeting a comedian and fucking a guy with nerd glasses who throws up.

8. All in the Family by Derrmark SmolyaMiller

Parents go out for a night, the meaner brother calls the silent one a motherfucker a lot but gets his in the end.

9. The Shadows Have Faded by Katie Monger

She put a fig tree in your backyard and named it. You and her told childhood stories in a fort.

10. A Half-Stoned Frenchman Reads a Letter to His Ex-Lover by Penny

"My pants are full of shit like my heart is full of love."

11. A Formal Explanation of My Schedule by Jordi

Jordi has Pact with the Devil on her class schedule and accidentally makes a bad one.

12. A Tradition is Founded by Otto Abbe

A monster and a village trade desserts over a mutual misunderstanding.

12.5. An Exciting Installment by Kjai Wears Blue

Kjai's wearing blue. Tune in next week when he may or may not be wearing blue.

13. Four Encounters by Asher Stuhlman

Encounters with foreign men who want strange objects built for them ("I met this German made who wanted me to make him a floating guitar...").

9/25/2010 2:16 AM  
Blogger David Rout said...

1) Great delivery, you know how to work with your audience. Your voices didn't sound forced, so keep up the good work.

2) This will probably make Best Of. Even though I don't like sex jokes.

3) I didn't get into this, was feeling rather spacey that night, but I like the variety, and we'd love to have her back. Plus, she was barefoot!

4) This was surprisingly good! Good work Eric.

5) I feel like I didn't do this piece justice, and if it wasn't understood, then I failed as a writer.

5.5) I wanted this to be longer so I could make more sense out of it.

6) Good review. Although I feel like there wasn't much to gain from it, since a lot of people have already seen, it was still beneficial because it might have shown people stuff they hadn't seen or thought of before.

7) I couldn't get into this, but I'm sure others did. Not too bad of a try, and I like the attempt.

8) This was almost painfully obvious.

9) I love hearing about the idiosyncrasies that make people who and what they are, outside what we see of them everyday.

10) The accident was pretty good, so far as I can tell, and the piece wasn't have bad either.

11) I felt like this could have been wilder and crazier than it was, and I expected more details about the actual pact she made. Felt like there was a lot of stuff we didn't need to know, like it dragged a bit, but that could just be me.

12) Otto has a good sense of his audience, and shows his skill in writing for theatre. These must be difficult to make, unless he's got it down to an assembly-line science.

12.5) I wonder if he'll be wearing blue or not next week! This wasn't exactly exciting, but maybe that was the point.

13) This was fun, but I'm not someone who can produce accents on command. I actually feel stupid for trying to make one! So this piece was especially hard for me.

Solid show to a solid audience. I'm happy for No Shame.

9/26/2010 12:29 AM  
Anonymous Asher said...

I had a long comment half-written before my computer crashed. In short:

It was a good No Shame night.

Pieces I remember: #1 (Awesome deadpan when needed!), #2 (I wonder how many people knew that this was a parody?), #3 (best No Shame poetry ever), #4 (if it doesn't need to be a Sky Patrol episode, it shouldn't be), #6 (I got what style you were using, but it's just not a good style for a No Shame piece), #7 (Alaynna is freaking awesome), #8 (I agree with David), #10 (great impression of half-stoned), #11 (You have awesome powers in real life, too), #12 (Wonderful if formulaic. Formulawesome!), #12.5 (Kjai should've been wearing red for this piece.)

I don't remember #5, #5.5, #9, and my own pieces keep on going over my head.

best of: #2

9/26/2010 9:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


9/27/2010 11:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where's Dr. Mondo?

9/30/2010 11:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Where's Dr. Mondo?"

Watching you when you poop

10/01/2010 9:41 AM  

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