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No Shame Iowa City 9/3/10

Awesome opening show, everyone! Keep coming back and keep bringing pieces! Goodnight! Order in the comments.



Blogger Katy Baggs said...

1. Immovable Objects by Spencer Abbe

Checkers v. Cards, both go on simultaneously.

2. MAMO 1 by Marek Muller

Morgan kinda turned into a demon and did some questionable things.

3. Hero by Seth Mussman

Song where a guy grab's a girl's boyfriend's penis and shoves him into a wall.

4. The Rose: Prequel to Villains by Jjaro

Short prose piece, navigating mazes.

5. Norse Remorse by Katy Baggs

Cursed Viking hammer that makes change.

6. Come On "Oh Yeah" by Occam's Razor and the Floating World

Come on, Oh Yeah! A song.

7. Three-Six by Sam Hawkins

Dramatic story about child abuse and a guy named Kenny.

8. Emotional Sleeves by Morgan Miller

A woman can't not go off on tangents and pick apart grammar.

9. Don't Fuck a Bro by Alaynna

Don't touch his penis, he's got diseases, ohh ohh.

10. On the Way Home by Jordi


11. Hunter Mace by The Hunter Blogs

Can't eat my hunter mace, I don't want John Wayne inside me.

12. Sky Patrol Season 2 Premiere by Sky Patrol

Suing for space candy bars, going into warp drive.

13. I'm Afraid of Rabbits by Asher Stuhlman

Asher performed a ritual with rabbit remains and saw his own death, is pretty upset about it.

14. The Boy Who Was Always Gay by Taylor Cook

Song. A boy is always smiling, were that he mine. Kills himself, were that he alive.

15. The Little White Dork by Arlen Lawson

An older Puerto Rican brother is going to beat the shit out of his little white dork brother. 'I want my mom.' 'Why is he saying that?'

16. I Love Corn by Kjai

Spoiler: Kjai HATES corn and will sing about it.

9/04/2010 1:04 AM  
Anonymous Asher said...

My script:

1. So, what are they going to play next week?

2. I liked this piece a lot, though I sort of felt that the whole "nonessential character" thread was introduced late and not really resolved.

3. Great.

4. A pretty awesome prose piece.

5. I love your pieces like this. It basically takes a simple, absurd idea and runs with the consequences.

6. I'm not sure how sincere this piece was. It was clear that the author was holding some talent back, but it wasn't exactly humorous, so the intent was ambiguous. I would be amused to find that this was deliberate.

7. I missed half of this because I needed to use the bathroom.

8. I never pataphor I didn't like.

9. Best song of the night!

10. Honestly, a bit bland. I couldn't really follow it because I got distracted a bit.

11. I dunno about this one. Lots of the lyrics sounded awfully forced, including the chorus - an occasional awkward line in a parody is fine, but this didn't really feel sincere at all in the way Alaynna's parody did.

12. What I love about the Sky Patrol pieces is that they always find a way to work with no rehearsal. Yay!

13. Two pieces before this one, I whispered for the person sitting next to me to come up on stage when I performed this piece. He didn't know what I was doing at all. I didn't, either - I just wanted the piece to be more than just a monologue.

14. Great song, as always.

15. I don't have a comment.

16. Five songs in one evening. I dig.

9/04/2010 1:35 AM  
Anonymous Morgan Leigh MIller said...

1. . Immovable Objects by Spencer Abbe

I always enjoy anything involving old guys and children's card games.

2. MAMO 1 by Marek Muller

My bad. But you must admit Marek has a hilarious way of capturing the truly horrific things I do for fun.

3. Hero by Seth Mussman

The lyrics sung deviated from the ones written on the page a bit, but it was enough to completely change the meaning. If it was on purpose, it was brilliant, otherwise it was a beautiful accident.

4. The Rose: Prequel to Villains by Jjaro

I really liked this, I wish I could have had more time to reflect on it and everything it said. It was both simple and complex and the same time.

5. Norse Remorse by Katy Baggs

I want a fucking golden Viking Hammer. I laughed awkwardly loudly when no one else did too many times in this piece, it was wonderful.

6. Come On "Oh Yeah" by Occam's Razor and the Floating World

There's something about this song that struck me as really funny, but I can't remember specifically; too many later songs with more "get stuck in your head for days" music behind them wiped it out of my memory.

7. Three-Six by Sam Hawkins

I love it when there's a great dramatic piece that makes me feel like an ass whenever I laugh at something in it, whether it was intentional or not. The story was intense, the writing was magnificent, and the delivery added to that.

8. Emotional Sleeves by Morgan Miller

I'm delighted this was much funnier on stage than in my mind. I like interpretations different from my own.

9. Don't Fuck a Bro by Alaynna

This song is not only amusing, but also practical. I encountered a Bro shortly after No Shame, and immediately thought, "Don't fuck him." Usually that's ony the 3rd or 4th thought I have about a Bro.

10. On the Way Home by Jordi

It was a good story, but a longer narrative piece needs more energy than say a dialogue to keep people's attention. If you're more engaged in the piece, the audience will follow suit.

11. Hunter Mace by The Hunter Blogs

Still stuck in my head. God help those poor bastards who haven't seen the Hunter Blogs, what they must think of the "I don't want John Wayne inside me" line,

12. Sky Patrol Season 2 Premiere by Sky Patrol

This is the most fun I've had doing a Sky Patrol Piece, but I'm always sort of oblivious to how it must seem to anyone else during these.

13. I'm Afraid of Rabbits by Asher Stuhlman

Asher's ability to freak out is quite impressive, it almost made me a bit afraid of rabbits. The one guy saying "Yeah" in response to a single line was possibly my favorite part though, that shit was real.

14. The Boy Who Was Always Gay by Taylor Cook

A touching piece that made me laugh and sad along the way. I liked the music too.

15. The Little White Dork by Arlen Lawson

I continue to appreciate everything he brings in. This piece was very funny with some heartfelt moments.

16. I Love Corn by Kjai

I actually do love corn. Which probably makes me at least as bad as Hitler. But this song certainly cast the yellow vegetable in a new light for me. Both Kjai and, I wanna say Teresa(?) were extremely entertaining.

9/04/2010 3:23 AM  
Anonymous David Rout said...

This No Shame was fairly song-heavy.

1) This piece was simple yet endearing. And it does bring up the question as to what game will be played next week, unless of course the same thing happens.

2) Pretty funny outright. Thought the one opposite Morgan—don't know her name—could have slowed down her speaking a little during the recap of bad deeds, but I got the basic gist of it.

3) You've got talent, although I must say this wasn't a song I'd listen to over and over again.

4) I wish I had done the voice better for this piece.

5) The best part about this piece was not Evan dressing up, nor the ridiculousness of the sixty-pound golden hammer, but the fact that the hammer made change. Very hilarious piece, with some interesting points to think about interlaced.

6) You looked and sounded a bit nervous, to be the center of attention for so many people and lights. A little more practice needed, but I don't doubt you'll get it soon.

7) Very good, very gripping, not a word felt like filler. Come back with more, I like it when the show isn't so one-sided.

8) Again, not-Morgan talks a little fast. Still, was intelligible! I really liked this piece.

9) I found the part where the background music and the lead singer disagreed the most laughable part of the piece. It reminds me of the time when Brother Jed, a religious nutter, told the gathering crowd of female students on the Anne Clearly Walkway to "run away from any man wearing Greek letters!"

10) Story about an airplane ride, sounded autobiographical but I don't know Jordi enough to know for sure. It needs minimal trimming down, as far as show business goes, as some details just aren't necessary for an audience to know, and our minds so do like to wander.

11) The "John Wayne" line was a little disturbing, but we all decided to go with it. I love how you always have an outfit to go with a character. Kudos.

12) Pretty solid serial, even if I feel like it's not really my thing.

13) I loved this! I was really hoping Asher would reveal what he saw in the rabbit skull, but he didn't.

14) Yet another serrated reminder of how bad I am with a guitar, and another jolting urge to get better. Way to go, dude, way to go. I wouldn't be surprised if you made it onto the Board next.

15) This reminded me of Paddy Clarke's "Ha Ha Ha." It featured kids dealing with adult situations, ones just beyond their understanding. Arlen is good like that.

16) Best part about this piece was when Teresa paused while Kjai kept going, that was a running riot.

9/04/2010 6:51 PM  
Anonymous Asher said...

I decided that I'd make my nominations for best of on a weekly basis this year so that I wouldn't forget about the early pieces.

My preliminary nominations:

- Norse Remorse by Katy Baggs
- Don't Fuck a Bro by Alaynna
(and I'm fond of my piece)

9/05/2010 10:02 AM  
Anonymous Ulysses said...

It's coming. Be ready for it.

9/06/2010 10:50 PM  

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