Saturday, September 11, 2010

No Shame Iowa City 9/10/10

Order in the comments, everyone!

Don't forget that we always want new writers and performers, just bring your piece to the theatre lounge at 10:30 with enough copies for your actors plus one copy for whoever's managing the lights. If you've never been in the show before, your work automatically goes in the order. See you next week.



Blogger Katy Baggs said...

1. The Drinking Machine by Spencer Abbe

A hobo tells a story about a drinking machine and a drinking showdown against said machine.

2. Villains by Jjaro

Continuation of piece prequeled last week - who's a villain and who's a hero depends on one's perspective in the story.

3. MAMO Numero Dos by Marek Miller and Morgan Muller

Morgan is still a devil, being racist is part of being evil. So is destroying Coldstone patrons.

4. News Report by Molly Middleton

Mother Goose nursery rhyme as done in news anchor format - why did the old lady swallow the fly?

5. Two Weeks Sober by Morgan Miller

A song about alcoholism, apparently taken from real life. Congratulations, and keep it up.

6. Sky Patrol Episode VI: Marooned on a Moon by Sky Patrol

More space jokes, more trombone, more falling about onstage! Included the phrase "space vegan."

7. Simple Gratitude and a Better Meaning by Kaz

A dramatic piece about a man, a gun, and searching in a drawer for that last bullet.

7.5. Never Gonna Learn by Katy Baggs

A grandmother hurls vile, purple insults at her grandson.

8. Ignorance by Asher Stuhlman

A philosophical piece about the nature of theatre, and also Michael Jackson.

9. Peese Chenis by Nick Lecaud (? this is what his name looked like written down. someone correct me on it)

A song about a guy who wants to hold a girl's hand.

10. Elderly Drivers by Lloyd Henry

A not-all-there old man is pulled over by a cop. Bryan uses the word "Chinaman" a lot.

11. What Nobody Tells You by Arlen Lawson

Adam and Eve part ways and live their lives. Also, one day all of us will be dead.

12. Alaynna's Piece by Alaynna

A song about Facebook Pregnancy. I erased his number - oh baby baby.

13. Selections from the Memoir of Elizabeth Hornby Blanche by James S. Roth

A 19th-century woman grows up, marries, saves her child from being baptized by her Irish nurse.

14. Pages from Angry Girl's Diary by Penny

Diary page in which a girl really hates boys because they are so stupid and ruin everything with their smelly penises.

9/11/2010 1:31 AM  
Anonymous Asher said...

Nothing really stood out as best-of-worthy this week. Still a good show.

9/13/2010 2:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just because something's not "Best Of Worthy" doesn't mean it's not worth talking about.

9/14/2010 8:59 AM  
Anonymous Just Curious said...

What do penises smell like?

9/14/2010 10:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like piss and b.o.

9/14/2010 3:44 PM  
Anonymous Snot Nosed said...

I find that my penis smells like vagina. It is obvious who is getting laid and who isn't.

That being said, reviews do help writers grow and telling them their piece was "good, not great" really does jack shit and is kind of a throwaway comment. Boyo!


Manifest Destiny!

To boldly go where no man has gone before!

Pardon me, but I was not at the show this week. So I am going to stop commenting and take a poop. out back.

9/14/2010 7:33 PM  
Anonymous A Concerned Feminist said...

I must admit at the outset that I was not present for this performance, but I was informed by friends who were that "Pages From An Angry Girl's Diary" included remarks about the narrator becoming a lesbian simply because she is tired of dealing with men but ultimately giving up because men will fantasize about her lesbian sexual encounters.
While it is true that the hetero-patriarchy's fetishising of lesbians continues to reduce women to sexual objects and seeks to control their sexuality even when it attempts to exist outside of the heteronormative mainstream, the idea that lesbians are simply jilted women who arbitrarily assume and discard their sexual orientation is a false and degrading stereotype. A person's sexuality is inately determined, not caused by failed relationships. In short, lesbians are born, not made.
Also, the scenario of a woman abandoning her sexuality because she feels trapped by the misogynistic patriarchal gaze sends a defeatist message that women can never escape sexual subjugation. While her frustration is a feeling shared by all women, not just lesbians and feminists, surrender to such a position is not an acceptable course of action.
Women of all sexual orientations should be banding together to support one another in the ongoing struggle for true physical and emotional independence. Sexist messages like those espoused in this performance, even when disguised as "comedy", continue to drive women to submit to patriarchal expectations, isolating them from themselves and each other, and robbing them of their true power and identity.

9/16/2010 1:25 PM  
Blogger evan schenck said...

The joke is not that lesbians are actually frustrated women, the joke is that the narrator thinks they are, because she is immature and does not understand homosexuality.

9/16/2010 2:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't it sad when someone who wasn't even at the show says more about it than everyone who was?

9/16/2010 2:28 PM  
Anonymous Snot Nosed said...

AH SNAP! Sick burn. As I have the second longest post and wasn't at the show either, I accept the Silver Medal of the "COME ON! Review the Show Already" Olympics.

Feel bad.
Like that feeling you get when you least expect.
That burning feeling on the small of your back.
That Oh My GAWD I really have to use the restroom feeling.
When you are stuck in traffic.
Every release of gas increases in stinkyness.
You want to release your bowels to end the discomfort.
But you know it won't be solid.
So you hold it in.
It burns worse and worse.
You wiggle in your chair.
Minutes turn into days.
Moments turn into ages.
Each foot you move forward a moment of triumph and a moment of torture.
You get to a toilet at last.
You take your thrown.
You push.
But you don't need to.
A rush of stingy brown fluid gushes out of you like a dam breaking.
You don't know whether to be happy or sad.
But you don't know if you are done or not.
So you sit there, feeling terrible, wondering if the nightmare is over.
Feel that bad.

9/16/2010 6:51 PM  
Anonymous David Rout said...

1) Basically a retelling of John Henry, but with hobos, and the hobo cheated. A nod to you for getting into character, beard and all, but good for just a few laughs.

2) I wanted to make this piece feel like a piece from the Marathon mythos, so I hope I got that accomplished.

3) I'm curious to see what other zany adventures come up as a demon, but I'm also anxious for a little variety, to see what people can do.

4) Good jorb, first post! Good pacing, though it could have been a wee bit faster.

5) An honest try, sentimental. We all felt for you, and we could hear you over your instrument!

6) Sky patrol's running gag, putting "space" in front or behind everything, is getting a little old to me. It's yet to reach the depth of annoyance, however, and likely I'll tell you when it does. I'm not especially curious to see what happens with this, just because I know it will (?should) be there this week, and the week after.

7) I felt like more should have been explained, or more focus should have been put on something we the audience can relate to. When you're sitting at a desk looking for ways of committing suicide or murder, we want to know why, dammit! Then again, perhaps memory has robbed me the reason.

7.5) Loved this, and I personally believe it's "Best of" material.

8) I had fun. I tried to appear burdened, but amused by the conversation. I hope it worked.

9) Some singing lessons might help you get the confidence you need to go for the note, rather than fishing around for it. Still, bravery points for you for getting up in front of all of us to sing AND play the guitar.

10) Enjoyed this a lot, but I would have liked to have seen it resolved in some fashion.

11) I feel like this is a repeat, but maybe I'm just not fully understanding…

12) If Alaynna keeps doing these, they're going to wear me down. I mean, I like Weird Al Yankovich, but I listen to him only in a great while.

13) Affecting No Shame from the Antarctic — Ha ha, James, ha ha.

14) This was hilarious yet stereotypical. I like to see personality, individuality in all my characters, and the ones I come across too. It was funny because she's obviously immature, and we're not.

9/16/2010 8:52 PM  
Anonymous Snot Nosed said...

David, may your bowels be healthy and your stools regular. And may constipation pass you by. You sir, have my thanks.

9/16/2010 10:50 PM  

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