Monday, June 06, 2005

Review in The State

Got a nice review in The State today, the paper from Columbia. Crazy to see David Cheresnowsky's face staring out of a TV and also out of a newspaper box all over town.

Thanks to Tracy for the great press!


Blogger Todd said...

The article got nearly everything right, except that Naomi Wallace never did No Shame. I think this came from Brian Rochlin thinking that she had and that ending up in the LA Times article about No Shame a couple months ago. I've been working on a Who's Who database to seperate myth from fact on who has and hasn't done No Shame, which might help in the future if we can get it up on the website or something.

Still, a great article and good publicity. Not sure which bothers me more...seeing my age as 42 in print or seeing Bill Davis at the City Paper put in print that I'm an onanist.

6/06/2005 1:07 PM  

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