Saturday, June 04, 2005

Piccolo--Day One

1 Todd Ristau, $80 a Week , performed by Todd Ristau
2 Sean Nitchman Everybody Stay Calm, performed by Chad Snyder, John Shirley, Amy Alls, Clinton Johnston, and Adam Hahn
3 Robb Rouse Idiosyncratic Love , performed by Robb Rouse
4 Simon Adkins, How Not to Make French Bread , performed by Simon Adkins
5 Adam Hahn, Driving , performed by Adam Hahn
6 Trent Westbrook, Lightning , performed by Trent Westbrook and Laura
7 Nelson Oliver, I Hate Balloon Animals, performed by Nelson Oliver
8 Clinton Johnston, Last Five Dollars, performed by Clinton Johnston
9 N. David Phillips, My First Time?, performed by John Shirley
10 David Cheresnowsky, TV Poem, performed by David Cheresnowsky
11 Sean Nitchmann, Dave the Angry Suburban Poet: My Lawn, performed by Todd Ristau
12 John Smick, Fruitcake, performed by Clinton Johnston
13 Greg Armkneckt, Pants, performed by Adam Hahn
14 James Parr, The Envelope, Robb Rouse, Simon Adkins, David Cheresnowsky, and Chad Snyder
15 Amy Alls, I've Been Walking Down That Road, Amy Alls

Host, Producer: Todd Ristau
Board OP: Brandon


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