Monday, June 06, 2005

Piccolo: Day Four, Part Two

Volume 6: Sunday, June 5th 9:30

1. Clinton Johnston, One Spy in the Field is Worth Two in the Bush, performed by Clinton Johnston
2. Todd Ristau, Happy Valentine's Day, performed by Todd Ristau
3. Jeff Goode, The Nude Monologue, performed by Adam Hahn
4. Pookman, Andrew, performed by Trent Westbrook
5. Eric Johnson, Loud in Head, performed by Todd Ristau, Adam Hahn, and John Shirley
6.Mike Rothschild, The Angry Scotsman, performed by Robb Rouse and Clinton Johnston
7. Aaron Galbraith, A Metaphor is Like a Simile, performed by Clinton Johnston and Trent Westbrook
8. Jeff Goode and Nelson Oliver, Card Trick, performed by Todd Ristau, Nelson Oliver, and an audience participant
9. John Shirley, Worn Out Chicken Blues, performed by John Shirley, Amy Alls
10. Robb Rouse, Bathroom Resignation, performed by Robb Rouse and Adam Hahn
11. Johnston, Everything You Feel is Wrong, performed by Todd Ristau, Clinton Johnston, Adam Hahn and Rachel
12. Jeff Goode, Facial Bases for the Alligators, performed by Todd Ristau and John Shirley
13. Amy Alls, This Crazy Girl, performed by Amy Alls
14. Adam Hahn, Egg, performed by Adam Hahn

(There would have been 15 pieces if Thundercat had arrived with his script, but, alas, it was not to be.)

Host/Producer: Todd Ristau
Board Op: Brandon


Blogger Todd said...

An excellent show with some very strong performances...but the biggest mystery of all was the 12 pre-sold tickets whose owners never arrived. Nicole returns and sits front row for the egg breaking naked making extravaganza. After the show we all went to King Street Grill and watched Nelson amaze drunken people whith his feats of magic.

Thank God for the three days off we get

6/06/2005 12:54 AM  

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