Sunday, June 05, 2005

Piccolo: Day Four, Part One

Volume 5: Sunday, June 5th 3:30

1. Sean Nitchman, The Lights Came Up, performed by Todd Ristau
2. Jan Gilbert, Samantha, performed by Jan Gilbert
3. James Linn Erwin, I Love My Mom, performed by Simon Adkins
4. Brooks Peck, The Super Villain's Institute, performed by Todd Ristau
5. Trent Westbrook, Poem for Anne, performed by Trent Westbrook and audience participant
6. Simon Adkins, Travelling Plans, performed by Simon Adkins, Robb Rouse, Amy Alls and Jan Gilbert
7. Nelson Oliver, Tribute to Harry Houdini, performed by Nelson Oliver and two audience participants
8. Mike Wells, Bob the Plant, performed by John Shirley
9. Sean Nitchmann, The Voice of Authority, Part II, Simon Adkins
10. Tamathy Christensen, Like a Musical, performed by Tamathy Christensen
11. Mike Rothschild, Blind Lemon Jefferson, performed by Clinton Johnston, Adam Hahn
12. Mike Rothschild, Seperate the Man from his Head, performed by Robb Rouse
13. Clinton Johnston, The Poem, performed by Clinton Johnston
14. Todd Ristau, Firebug, performed by Todd Ristau
15. Adam Hahn, The First Chapter of My Novel, performed by Adam Hahn
16. Amy Alls, Maybe Someday, performed by Amy Alls

Host/Producer: Todd Ristau
Board Op: Brandon


Blogger Todd said...

Next year, we do all matinees! Our matinees have been the biggest sellers so far. Today we had a really nice crowd and they were very responsive--many sticking around afterwards to talk to cast....and saying nice things, not wanting to beat us up or anything.

6/05/2005 6:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How did my piece go?

This is Erwin.

6/13/2005 11:53 AM  

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