Sunday, June 05, 2005

Piccolo: Day Two

Volume 2 Friday June 3rd 9:30 Order Title Author Cast
1. David Cheresnowsky, Us Poets, Performed by David Cheresnowsky
2. Amy Alls, I Don't Care, performed by Amy Alls
3. Robb Rouse, The Job Application, performed by Robb Rouse
4. Simon Adkins, Harold Ashby Sells Smells, performed by Simon Adkins, Chad Snyder
5. Adam Hahn, Business Casual, performed by Adam Hahn
6. Dan Gurler, Candle, performed by Trent Westbrook and Amy Alls
7. Nelson Oliver, VoodDoo Child, performed by Nelson Oliver
8. Clinton Johnston, The Steely Dan Piece, performed by Clinton Johnston
9. Lee Moyer, Home Truths, performed by John Shirley
10. Hilary Chaplain, Cinderella Story, performed by Hillary Chaplain
11. Dwayne Yancey, The Shooting At Ray's Quik Mart, performed by Todd McNerney and David Cheresnowsky
12. Todd Ristau, Listening to the Voices #2, performed bt Todd Ristauand Adam Hahn
13. Jeff Goode, Serious Mental Problems, performed by Clinton Johnston, Adam Hahn
14. Gregory Hays, The Acceptance Speech, performed by Todd Ristau
15. Jeff Goode and Jonathan Price, Haiku Song, performed by Trent Westbrook

Host/Producer: Todd Ristau
Board Op: Brandon


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